Which Glock to get?

Which Glock to get?

This is a discussion on Which Glock to get? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am interested in possibly switching to a Glock. I am thinking either the 23/27 or the 19/26. Here are the pros and cons as ...

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Thread: Which Glock to get?

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    Which Glock to get?

    I am interested in possibly switching to a Glock. I am thinking either the 23/27 or the 19/26. Here are the pros and cons as I see them.
    Note: I'm a .45 guy, but I have small hands and stubby fingers, and I don't think the .45 Glock will fit my hands.

    - Already own (but don't carry) a 9mm
    - More rounds/more manageable recoil
    - 9mm more widely proliferated

    - G27 can be converted to 9mm with a conversion barrel. (Can the 23?)
    - More recoil (Don't know how hard the 23/27 is to shoot).
    - Requires another caliber to be added to the logistics train

    Bottom line: I'm leaning toward the 23/27 with a 9mm conversion barrel. This would give maximum versatility. What kind of parts would I need to convert from .40 to 9mm?

    Comments? Thanks in advance.

    PS--Before anybody tells me to use the "Search" function, I found these threads, but they're locked. http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...k-27-help.html
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    if i was you i would go with the 27, honestly i didnt notice much of a difference in kick when i shot the 26 vs the 27. i have no clue wht you need as far as the conversion goes, so i cant help ya there, but im sure someone who reads this will. lol.

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    get the 19...cheaper ammo, higher capacity, more manageable, etc.

    I carry a 23 at work and a 19 the rest of the time and much prefer the 19.
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    I's stay with the 9mm. I have a G19 and think it is about the best compromise between carry size and capacity. It's one of my favorites.
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    Have you looked at the Glock 21/30sf? They have made the grip smaller for those without large hands. I have the Glock 30 (not sf) and LOVE it.
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    I have both the 23/27 and 19/26. The 9mms are MUCH easier to shoot, holds more ammo, ammo is cheaper, etc. I wouldn't go putting a conversion barrel in.

    My opinion is to go with the 9mm choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TX-JB View Post
    I's stay with the 9mm. I have a G19 and think it is about the best compromise between carry size and capacity. It's one of my favorites.
    I figure I'd just be telling you the same thing. I depend just as much on my G27, but I must say, the G19 is my favorite as well.

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    I only have the 9mm variants, 17, 19 & 26. Of these, my preference is the 19.
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    I love my G23 for CC but I am more accustomed to the .40
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    I have a 23 and love it...that being said I think the 19 is the most versatile and biggest value of all the Glock packages.
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    I hated my Glock 27 and don't miss it one bit after I sold it. I had more trouble with followup shots in .40 than any other pistol I own. I'm more comfortable shooting .357 mags out of a 11 oz revolver than shooting the 27.

    With that said, I'd recommend sticking with the 9mm options.
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    19/26... if you are choosing which go with the Glock 19... big enough to be a great range gun, but still small enough to carry... all that said, I do love my Glock 26... it's a great size, very light, but I shoot it VERY well...

    It's more about shoot placement than it is about power... it will be easier to shoot and follow-up with a second and possible third shoot with a 9mm handgun.
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    I alternate carry my G-36 & G-27. Love them both and they are both quite comfortable to carry. For the G-27, I have LWD 9mm & .357 SIG conversion barrels; both of which function flawlessly. Although I purchased 9mm & .357 SIG magazines in addition to the conversion barrels, I have been told that the 27's .40 S&W magazines would have worked just fine. Bottom line, on top of the purchase price of my original G-27, I have invested an additional $260 in conversion barrels & mags, I have three subcompact Glocks in my G-27 and with my G-36, I have four subcompacts all of which are highly reliable carry weapons. I am hoping to add a G-21SF to my collection in the near future. budsgunshop.com is asking $598.00 delivered for one and I am trying very hard to fight the urge. Good luck with your decision.
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    I own/carry the G22. But if I was to get a 9MM it would be the G19.

    Hope that helps.
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    I'm a huge fan of the Glocks and own a 23 myself--it sure is a fine firearm.

    IMO the negligible size difference is worth the extra rounds in the mag between the compact and subcompact. If you're sticking with a 9mm Glock, go with the 19--but I don't see any reason to convert a .40 to a 9mm, just get one for the caliber you're looking for.
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