Might be my new EDC

Might be my new EDC

This is a discussion on Might be my new EDC within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well first of all i can't find my cord for my camera so i don't have pics as of yet. I went to a gun ...

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Thread: Might be my new EDC

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    Might be my new EDC

    Well first of all i can't find my cord for my camera so i don't have pics as of yet.

    I went to a gun show in Tampa saturday and i had one mission and that was to find a Ruger LCP. Well, mission complete. I know I paid i little to much for the gun but when you want somthing and no one in florida seems to have it you will pay a little more for it.

    I am so pleased with this gun that it might take the roll of my EDC. I'm not ready to say that it has the place over my G27 but the ability to just through this gun in a pocket and not evan know its there is amazing. I like carring my glock but sometimes it just seems cumbersome.

    The only addition I have made to the gun is that I put the belt clip for the kel-tec on it. It fit perfect. Its pretty nice if you are wearing a pair of gym shorts to be able to just clip on to the waste band.

    I am very happy with this puchase. It is everything I thought it would be. Have not shot it yet but once i do I will give a range report and hopefully will have located my camera cord by then. this is one sweet gun.
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    Just be EXTRA careful when you carry it with the clip, nothing to cover the trigger with.

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    Congrats on the new piece. I love the clip on my KT, looks just like a knife in the front pocket (by its self of course).
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    Congrats! I love the LCP, once my permit shows up it will be ridin' BUG to my M&P9c. But every now and then it'll fly solo too If only I could find target ammo
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    I recommend getting the Hogue slip on grip. You will have to trim the bottom to fit, but it makes a world of difference when shooting the LCP. Everytime I go to the range, I'm amazed how accurate this little gun is. Mine plays back-up to a G27 also.

    As you will soon see, they play well together.

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    I've only had my LCP 5 days but I'm loving it! It's riding 3rd inline to my G-23 & XD9sc or as back up to the XD9sc if I'm not carrying the Glock.

    With the caliber, I doubt it will be carried as my primary unless I have no other way to carry something else and would otherwise be without a gun altogether.

    My wife hasn't shot it yet, but she likes the "feel" of it and once she does, I'm thinking she'll probably want one to carry as a back up to her Ruger SP-101.

    The hunt for 380 ammo continues....

    Congrats on your new LCP!
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    My LCP is great, I think it's gonna be a classic pocket pistol.
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    Congrats on the new pistol!

    I tried the Kel Tec and Ruger 380s but they are just too small for me. The smallest gun I will carry is a J Frame.
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