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    Hello fellow owners...I need some help. I shot my 140 this weekend, and as usual, it was flawless. However, when I took it down to clean started acting up. After I remove the take-down pin and release the slide, I pull the trigger to initiate the release. When I remove the slide, 1 of two things happened: 1) the slide would lock up and NOT move whatsoever or 2) i felt a distinct grinding on the right side (opposite side of the safety lever/slide lock). Upon further examination, I have noticed metal shavings on the frame which definitely shows me something is grinding that shouldn't be grinding.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I would really like to avoid calling Taurus right now, as we're probably going to be moving again in a couple of months.
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    pcon, Without seeing it, it would be hard to guess whats going on. I have never had any issues with my PT140 but would not hesitate in taking it to a good gunsmith for an opinion and or calling Taurus. For sure I would sideline the gun until I got an answer. Good luck and let us know what you find.
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    I can't help never had problems with my PT111

    I would call Taurus
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    No help here, my PT111 has never acted up either.

    My guess is that there is some debris that has gotten between the slide and the frame. Is it stuck and/or grinding/gritty no matter which way you try to move the slide? If that is the case, there really is going to be no alternative than to get the slide to move past that point and get the debris dislodged from where it is stuck.

    Good luck.
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    on my pt745, sometimes I have to pull the trigger multiple times as I am sliding off the slide. Dont know why. Try this. Dont force it, but pull firmly.
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    My PT111 has given me 0 problems, and none like that. I would take it back down again, and thoroughly examine the barrel, slide, and take down pin for abnormal wear and tear. Just keep in mine what are contact areas and what aren't.

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    my 140 never gave me problems!!

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    My PT 140 is sitting in my desk because after 3 years of perfect use the mag started coming out of the pistol after 3-4 rounds were fired.

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    Taurus Armed

    Check over at Taurus Armed

    They discuss a lot of issues thsat come up with all Taurus models. I seem to remember reading about a similar situation to this a few days a go over there.

    Good Luck

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    I'm with everyone else I have had 0 Problems with my pt111 millenium pro.

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    Buck6196 is correct. Some of the PTs can be very finicky about just when to pull the trigger. The slide must be released and allowed to go forward about a half inch before pulling the trigger. If you look down the magazine well from the top while pulling the trigger, you can see the part (sorry I can't name it) that articulates back & forth. That must be just *behind* the breachface before the trigger is pulled. If it's not bad form to name another forum, the site has lots of info and pointers to videos on the disassembly.
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    Their instruction manual is a little murky on the precise chain of events. The first time I took my 145 apart, the slide locked, but I was eventually able to break it loose. No problems since.
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