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Sig 226 vs. Glock 19

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Thread: Sig 226 vs. Glock 19

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    SIG! go get it NOW! hurry!
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    I own a Glock and a Sig. I like both, just fine.

    As mentioned, consider the 229, 228, or even the 220 carry or compact. The 226 is a BIG gun.

    Nate short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    I have a 228 and a G19. The 228 is a little smaller than the 226. I love them both, but if I HAD to choose I would go with the Glock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Stop posting and starting buying... A 226 for 499. isnt going to last long.
    You got that right!
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    I think Glock makes a great pistol. They are just not for me. My P226 has been reliable as a rock for over 10,000 rounds. A great gun to shoot and carry.
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    Well, , went to go get the Sig today. As I was paying for it a guy walked in and had saw it online. He was lookin' to buy it.
    Clerk say's "Ask him, He just bought it." and pointed to me. it is! She wont win any beauty contest's, but she's purdy to my eyes.

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    Have fun with it, Sig makes a great pistol.

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    Send that bad boy to CCR and it'll be beautiful!

    Congrats! Nice snag before the other guy got it.

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    I own both... even though I own a P226 (.40S&W) and not a 9mm... both are Great Guns!!! If I was carrying I would want the Glock 19 (weight), however if I wanted a great home defense gun I'd buy the P226, but there is nothing wrong with the Glock 19 for home defense either... both are great range guns and both have great reliability.
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    Congrates rmxer! My German P226 is from the same era as yours and mine looks worse. I've decided pretty is as pretty does, and my work worn 226 shoots beautifully! I sent it in last Summer for the Sig Service Plan (which, at that time, included night sights). As someone else suggested, you can also have the whole thing refinished if you're so inclined, but that won't make the gun shoot any better.

    Get back to the forum after you've had a chance to shoot the gun!


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    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamWallace View Post
    Send that bad boy to CCR and it'll be beautiful!

    Congrats! Nice snag before the other guy got it.
    What's CCR?

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    Got Sig?
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