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Wasn't really implying the pf-9 wasn't up to the job...but if I have a home invasion in progress in my home, I don't wanna small pocket gun with minimal rounds in it. The Kel-tec is a fine weapon, but they are all pretty small in stature with sshort sight radiuses and low capacity. Just thought a bigger fighting handgun would be better handled at 0300 in the dark with usually 10-20 rounds in it depending on the model. If Kel-tec made a 4-4.5 inch barrel and high cap fighting gun, I would certainly sau that they would do. Not being a brand snob, just a practicality snob.
I must have lost the thread. Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, I gotcha J. I wasnt thinking about capacity but just the projectile itself.

Its all good.