Thoughts of those who carry 4" XD45 Compact

Thoughts of those who carry 4" XD45 Compact

This is a discussion on Thoughts of those who carry 4" XD45 Compact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Been looking at picking one up for CC as well a universal defensive gun (already have a shotgun for the house). i have shot the ...

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Thread: Thoughts of those who carry 4" XD45 Compact

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    Thoughts of those who carry 4" XD45 Compact

    Been looking at picking one up for CC as well a universal defensive gun (already have a shotgun for the house).

    i have shot the XD's before, though not this model. My dad back in michigan has the 9mm Sub-compact version and i really like it.

    i am really looking for something though in at least .40, but perferably .45acp.

    For those who carry the 4" Compact XD, thoughts? is it a little big to easily conceal? would i be better off looking at a sub-compact .40 instead?

    the gun would be mainly used for CC, also for when i take long motorcycle trips or go camping with my wife and kids (part of FL where i am there are blackbears that roam around)

    Eventually i want to pick up a dedicated CC gun and i'll pick up a something that will be used for "detering" any bears or the like while camping, but for now i'm looking for kind of a "Jack of all Trades"

    not that i haven't typed far to much so far, but also, i REALLY want to pick up a nice 1911 or two as i have always loved those guns (just have to wait for the next deployment as buying a house two weeks ago cleaned me are the opinions on picking up a compact 1911 for CC? personally, i like the mental comfort of having the extra couple rounds in the XD over the 1911, but honestly don't know what situation i would run across that i couldn't be solved with 7 rounds but could with 10.....

    (will be attending professional armed defense training this fall, just trying to locate a good training facility)

    thanks for all the thoughts and opinions that i know will flood in....please don't hate the noob for asking so many

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    Four inches is fine. I carry a Sig P226 and P220 without any problem. I will admit though that my sub sompact H&K is getting carried a lot lately mainly because I carry 2:00 and sitting is better.

    A 1911 4" is even better because it is thinner. I am not comfortable with a safety on my carry gun so the 1911 is carried only on rare occassions, but it is comfortable. IMO the 4" 1911 feels the most comfortable and balanced in my hand.
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    When I carry one of my XD's I carry the sc9 more than my 4" .40...because of the grip. The smaller grip is easier to conceal. I have thought about getting my 4" cut down, but have not pulled the trigger yet.
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    I carry an XD45c all the time with no problem. I carry with the 10 rd magizine and keep the 13 rd mag near-by..

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    Ok... let me ramble for a moment.

    I have several M&Ps full size pistols that I carry concealed, not all at once, using an IWB holster with no problems printing etc. and very comfortable. I'm not a big guy 5'7 155lbs and a 30 inch waist. If you carry you must dress accordingly. I normally wear 30 inch pants but when I carry IWB I wear my 31 inch pants. Getting my drift..... here in hot ass Texas during the summer with the high humid days and nights I wear shorts and a somewhat loose fitting t-shirt and do not print and I'm comfortable.

    Some additional rambling....

    recently I picked an XD45 full grip and 4 inch barrel. I put the XD next to my M&P FC and they look exactly same size. In addition one of my IWB holsters that I don't use often a Don Hume 715 but it's for a Glock 21. Before holsters caught up with the M&Ps G-21 was a best fit. Anyway I went to my holster drawer(everybody has a holster drawer, right?) grabbed my 715 - 41 and what do you know my XD45 fits, tight, but it fits.

    I do have an IWB holster just for my M&Ps.

    To put it simply if you carry you must dress appropriately.

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    I carry an XD-45 without any problems, and the weight of it is not a big deal also.
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    I can carry an XD 45 C with no problems. I can even conceal it under a loose fitting long sleeve t shirt. I highly recommend a holster from AKJ Concealco. That holster is so comfortable I've even taken a couple of naps on my couch with it on with the pistol in the holster and didn't even realize it. Go to AKJ Concealco LLC - Concealment gun holsters, personal defense related equipment, and other gunleather.

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    My XD40c is my EDC. You have to pick clothes appropriately but I conceal fine. I have an OWB Galco and an IWB tuckable kydex that works great. I wore it tucked on Saturday at a wedding, and even everyone who knows I carry thought it was weird that I was "unarmed." Nope, just deep concealment. :)

    So it can be concealed at least by a guy 5'10" 205 lbs.
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    I have an XDm .40 (4.5" barrel) and an XD 9mm subcompact. I much, much, much prefer the XD subcompact for size and weight.

    Since you can get the XDsc in .40, you should go with that. Not to start an ammo arguement but...the .40 is a better defensive round than the old .45 has a proven higher "one-shot-stop" success rate. I think you'd be very happy with it.

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    here is a xd40SC and an XD45C side by side

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