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I'm Back From The Toy Store!

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Thread: I'm Back From The Toy Store!

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    Very nice!

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    LOVE that G23!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NavDoc View Post
    Try a Tagua Quick Draw. Available at Tagua Gun Leather - Gun Holsters, Leather Holsters, Pistol Holsters, Western Holsters, Shoulder Holsters, Glock Holsters I have a G23 and find that this holster is everything I want.

    I'll second that. Not quite custom but lots 'o leather for the money. I have an open top for a 1911 and I have another on the way for my G27. I really can't justify plunking down a ton of money right now for a more expensive holster that really isn't that much if any better.
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    Congrats and enjoy. I had my sw9ve up at my cabin yesterday and run off about 150 rounds..sweet...Stopped at a little general store on the way home and he had 5 boxes of ww and they had dust on them.. I took them all and cleaned all the dust off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu711 View Post
    You did the right thing buying a G23. You can make it that much better by adding tritium night sights. I've added them to my G26. At night they work really well in limited lighting.
    I found the stock G26 sights were adequate for daytime lighting. During evening hours they had their limitations. Still, you made the right decision buying the G23.
    Nice purchase, you won't be sorry...and I agree with the night sights, they are a real plus.
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    NS are worth the extra money.
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    You've made the right choice. No one can go wrong with a Glock for ccw. Congrats!
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    Very nice weapon, I have one myself. I would venture to say it's the most noteworthy weapon you can buy. You'll never have to second guess reliability or effectiveness. My thirteen year old likes mine so much he shoots more ammo in it than I do. You know, some people say that Glocks are ugly. I disagree. Form follows function and though they aren't a gilded lilly I find in them a simple beauty, just like shakker furniture. Good choice IMHO.

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    Nice Glock, youre gonna love it.

    I recently joined the Glock club with a G19, only fired 20 rounds so far and I was ready to ditch my Para LDA Ltd 1911.

    They just point so well and the trigger is brilliant.

    Very easy to clean as well.
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    I use to be a Glock hater

    now I really like the Glock 17 and 19
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    You made the right choice.

    Can you tell I'm another Glock fan?

    I have a Blackhawk Serpa hloster. It works well, but doesn't conceal really well. I do use it if it's cool enough to wear a jacket or vest. Can't really hide it under a loose shirt.

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    Congratulation on your new gun.
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