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Looking for a 45ACP 3" barrel

This is a discussion on Looking for a 45ACP 3" barrel within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Gideon I believe the defender is more likely to be reliable than the other two based on my research. I just didn't ...

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Thread: Looking for a 45ACP 3" barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gideon View Post
    I believe the defender is more likely to be reliable than the other two based on my research. I just didn't like the two tone, stainless/aluminum look so I went with the Colt New Agent.
    Had the chance to hold these two guns side by side when I chose. They both were in stock where I bought mine. Either is a good choice I think. The weight difference and SS slide for every day carry and resistance to holster wear was the only thing swayed me to go with the Defender. I like em both. Could only afford one though.

    This one has been dependable and reliable.

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    My EDC is a Kimber Ultra CDP II. Over 500 rounds, no problem. The CDP and the Raptor both are made in the custom shop.
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    I would not go any smaller than a Commander size pistol. I carry a P13 (4 inch barrel) or a full size 1911 with no problems. A 4 inch or longer barrel is easier to control and less likely to have malfunctions. Good gear makes all the difference.

    Semper Fi

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    I have a Colt Officers and Para P-12. Both are 3.5" barrels and both are great guns.

    Neither has had any reliability problems except when the recoil springs wore out. New Wolff recoil springs solved the problem after shooting several thousand rounds with the original springs.
    Semper Fi

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    Ultra CDP with simulated rosewood CT grips in a Comp-Tac Minotaur Spartan IWB. So far with 700 rds and no burps, it is a tack driver with Cor-Bon DPX, 185 gains of pure copper at 1050 fps on my chrono.

    The SA Micro is also a good one, and along with the defender, makes it a tough decision. From 1979-1992 I carried my series 70 Gold Cup in a Bianchi X15 shoulder rig, but then my eyes were still good. From 1993-2003 I carried my series 80 Combat Commander in a VM-II IWB. I put an XS big dot front sight and CT laser grips on it because my eyes were going south. 4.25" really rocks. Now that I'm blind in one eye and can't see out the other, I just take sound shots with the Kimber. I wouldn't think of going back.

    Disclaimer: This post is made by a Kimber Master Dealer who has been known to sell at dealer net prices to students, family, and friends. Any comments made are totally biased in favor of Kimber products withoug disparaging Colt or SA. It is recommended that you buy each and every gun you see.
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    My preferred 3" .45ACP

    Is Kahr PM .45

    Also Kimber UC II Crimson Trace .45

    Both are fairly darn close to perfect, for what I own them for.

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    I've owned, tinkered with and shot 1911's of various makes for the last 26 years. I currently own a Springfield Armory Loaded 5", Kimber Compact 4", Colt Officers Model ACP 3.5" and Kimber Ultra Carry 3". The Ultra Carry was finicky because it was so tight. After almost 500 rounds break in, she is 100%. My other 1911's I own are all 100% reliable.

    I firmly believe a 3" 1911 can be one of the best sidearms a person can buy "provided" that, just like anything else mechanical, you test drive it and ensure that particular gun is up to snuff. Don't trust any gun right out of the box.

    Carry a shorty with confidence after a test / run in period. Just mind a few special rules with the shorty and you'll be fine.

    Change your recoil springs often. My advice is every 1000-1500 rounds.

    Use quality mags only. Mags are the heart of the gun. Experiment with mags to find which work best.

    Change your mag springs often. My advice is every 3000 rounds max. 2000 is better.

    Run standard pressure ammunition only. No +P loads which can affect timing.

    Keep your rails well lubed with a quality lubricant such a breakfree. Use no grease.

    Keep your mag bodies clean with a micro thin coating of lube on the spring only.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your choice. For me, the 1911 is top of the line stuff.

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    My Colt Defender has been very dependable.I has been my BUG for years.

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    Welcome aboard!

    I really like my Kimber so I voted for the Ultra.
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    G-36, no break in, Glock dependability.
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    Either a Glock36 or a Para Slin Hawg

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    I voted for a Glock. G30 or G36. Take the money you save and spend it on ammunition.

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    springfield micro compact loaded everything you need for an EDC out of the box, but all are fine choices there
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    My two shorter barrels are...

    A Kimber Ultra CDP II, and a Glock-36...either works...very well!

    Stay armed...longer is not always better...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I'v had my defender for over 2 years now without any issues whatsoever, previoulsy I had a para P-12 in 3 1/2 and a kimber ultra carry 2 and both had one problem or another, my colt defender is my primary carry weapon and I'm confident of its reliability.
    EDC's Colt Defender 45 acp and S&W 442 .38
    Springfield XD 45 acp
    Ruger SR9
    Ruger Super RedHawk .44 mag
    mossberg 590 12 gauge tactical
    bushmaster AR15-M4

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