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Looking for a 45ACP 3" barrel

This is a discussion on Looking for a 45ACP 3" barrel within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The short barrel Colt 1911s had more function problems early on than now. [mostly sporadic failure to feed] My expertise (if you could call it ...

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Thread: Looking for a 45ACP 3" barrel

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    The short barrel Colt 1911s had more function problems early on than now.

    [mostly sporadic failure to feed]

    My expertise (if you could call it that) is really limited only to Colt.
    Like everything else "Time Marches On" and a manufacturer figures out "what and where" the possible "bugs" are and takes positive steps to eliminate them.

    On the Colt Shortys the breech face areas are very smooth now.
    The extractors are nicely tensioned/tuned.
    The frame & slide rails are smooth and the recoil spring tension has been refined.

    Short barrel semi-autos really DO need to be factory fit much more carefully and looks like Colt did get the message.

    The Colts are coming through really nice and reliable now.
    I always check them out whever I can and they are looking real good.

    The competition for compact carry .45s is really stiff and that has forced Colt to put out really decent product.
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    Personal experience

    I've had a Colt Defender for about 3 years and it has worked very well through maybe 1000 rounds. But I don't doubt that the Kimber Ultra is a very good gun, and have had good experiences with other Kimbers.

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    I voted "Something else"
    For the money you want to spend, if it where my money I would not want to spend more after the initial purchase to brake it in and to work out the bugs,
    Glock 30, a nice IWB, and plenty of ammo and a couple extra mags.
    Your still less that a grand in spending and have the most reliable pistol and I might say one of the most accurate pistols made.
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    I went for the Springfield Armory Micro Compact instead of the Kimber due to the quality of customer service at Springfield.
    No regrets.

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    my vote is for a kahr p45 or pm45. you can't beat a kahr for concealment... IMO

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    I do not own a .45 1911 frame yet. Tomorrow I will go and get mine from the local toy store.

    I have done butt tons of research and it was wisely preached to me from others who are far superior to me in knowledge of explosion powered lead projectiles that a 1911 in anything other than 4" and above is not going to perform in regards to the proven and engineered goal of accuracy of the 1911 design.

    A 4" gives almost rifle like accuracy for that big round. A 5" even better.

    I got a 4". I decided that a 5" was just to much of a monstrosity to carry.

    I did shoot a 3" kimber ultra and it felt like a .40cal +p (Which doesnt exist) but that would be how I could describe it. Im sure the recoil will be even less 45 and more 40cal with a 4" barrel. I cant wait.

    Well exchange our reviews of the 2 once you get you 3".

    In the spirit of not wanting to mislead you, take my thoughts with a grain of salt err gun powder. What ever works for you :-)

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    .45 acp

    I went with the Kahr also.

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    I use a Kahr CW45, just like the P45, only no polygonal barrel and 1 mag for $385.00, sweet deal, extra mag was $28.95
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    Well I'll let the 3" .45 "lesser performance" saying slide, since I don't have the exposer level others might to come up with that opinion.

    I really like 3" .45 for less than 15yrds. I only have these for SD. I don't try marksmanship or the like with these. Just accurate quick group within 15yrds.

    I haven't had one bit of accuracy and or performance hinderence (other than user error) from a 3" .45. again @ reasonable range (it is only 3"). I have two and shoot often enough.

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    Just my opinion.

    I've gone down the road & back with 3" 1911 .45s (Springfield Loaded Micro Compact, Kimber Raptor) and have decided, like some previous posters, that I'll no longer carry a 1911 with <4" of slide length. In my experience, the function & physics of the 1911 design says - "longer slide = more reliability". I've also noticed that (with rare exceptions) there are very few custom 1911 builders who offer sub 4" models. With Springfield, Kimber & Colt selling factory 3" models like hotcakes, did you ever wonder why that's the case?
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    Para Warthog

    I considered a commander size 45 but went with a Para Ordnance Warthog. Three inch barrel and 10 +1 rounds. Just got it. Only 250 rounds through it, but so far no problems and scary accurate for a 3 inch.

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    I'm very content with a 3.5" barrel with a steel frame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cphilip View Post
    Colt Defender...

    Its what Jesus would carry...

    I like the Star Ornament..

    The Para Warthog is nice, if you can deal with the added width, im not a fan of. But with 10+1?

    SA makes there EMP series, which is VERY nice.. but pretty pricey as well. And you'd have to deal with .40

    As far as .45, Im a fan of Kimber Ultra Carry's.. Very clean, crisp shooting weapon.
    Kimber Pro-Carry II .45 w/ 230gr Remington Golden Sabers
    Ruger SP101 DAO .357 w/ 125gr Speer Gold Dots

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