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40 Cal or 9mm

This is a discussion on 40 Cal or 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just a guess here but if they ''battlefield pick up'' your ammo when you get shot, they are going to ''battlefield pick up'' your gun ...

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Thread: 40 Cal or 9mm

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    Just a guess here but if they ''battlefield pick up'' your ammo when you get shot, they are going to ''battlefield pick up'' your gun too.
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    I carry a Sigma 40ve in the winter and really appreciate the large round count in 40 caliber. In the summer I'm outside in a t-shirt all the time doing physical labor and the Sigma is just too large. For that reason my summer EDC has been a Kahr CW9 but I feel a little less protected with eight rounds of 9mm, go figure. I think this is going to be the summer when I try a Ruger SR9 with 17 + 1 rounds of 9mm. I don't think I would feel undergunned with this much 9mm in a four inch barrel.
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    In a smaller gun I would go with the 9mm. Larger gun .40. I just bought a S&W M&P 40c after not having a gun for a while and I had never shot a .40 but figured I could handle it as as I have shot a fair amount in the past with 9mm .38 even some .357 and .45. I can shoot it and pretty accurately, but after having shot it I regret not getting a 9mm in the compact as the .40 has got quite a snap to it. Nothing I can't handle especially with some practice but it does make it less fun to shoot.I think it would be OK in a full size gun or even a mid size gun but with the short grip on the 40c it can be a handful to shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgaterboy View Post
    PS personally, I like the capacity of 9mm. I like the extra shots, and the +p rounds come pretty darn close to .40 in penetration and expansion. I've never seen a .40 +p round.

    And you will never see a .40 +p round either.

    They don't exist. .40 s&w is allready at maximum pressures. Any more and it goes boom in a bad way.
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    Personally, I like the .40...all of my SIGs are .40s (P226, P229, P239)....I have a drop-in, semi-fitted 9mm barrel for my P229 that I like to shoot at the range.

    Get whichever you like to shoot (and have fun with!)
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    I like my 40cal G27 a lot. I like my 9mm G19 a lot. I carry them both choosing between the two according to clothing choices or whim. Do I carry a sub-compact in a larger caliber to make up for the smaller magazine capacity? I honestly don't know. All I can say is either one works well for me, and I never second guess my choices. Carrying a spare magazine for either somehow makes things a mute point. All I need to do is make good hits.

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    I'm a 9mm guy. I used to be a .45 guy. When I carried a .45 I was able to shoot weekly and that kept me from flinching. Now I can only get out once every 4-6 weeks and I found that without more frequent shooting sessions I started to flinch with the .45. I currently carry a Glock 26 and I can pracrice without flinching. It shoots soft and accurate with much faster follow up shots.

    To me caliber isn't as important as being able to hit the target. So I say shoot the gun/caliber that you shoot the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
    I have had 9mm's in the past and now have a .40, but I would not overlook a 9mm in the future. Back in the 1980's when I bought my first 9mm they were far from being as good as they are now. I had a S&W 659 and it would not hit the broad side of a barn for one. They have developed better loads for them as time went on.
    I had the sw 659. It shot extremely well. One of those guns I wish I never sold.
    Currently I favor the 40 over the 9mm. It depends on the gun too. Some of them have a lot of muzzle flip in 40 (taurus pt140) and some of the compact polymers cant handle the 40 load well. I loved the size of the cw40 I had but it just wasnt able to shoot the 40 without problems. Would get the thing fixed and have problems again. I think the 40 was just too much for that gun. Finally chose the SW M&P compact in 40.
    I aso think that the 40 isnt a "beginners" caliber. So if your somewhat new to ccw you would be better off with the 9mm.
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    I have both 9 and 40 carry guns. I would rather carry the M&P40c than my PF9.

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    Some data

    Many people think that the Federal HST ammo is among the best available hollowpoint defensive ammo. If you go to the Federal Law Enforcement website there is some interesting data on 9mm vs. .40 S&W in this ammunition type:

    Federal Law Enforcement website

    If you pick the 9mm 147 grain HST and the .40 S&W 180 grain you can see this data:

    9mm 147 grain:
    velocity = 1050 fps
    energy = 360 ft-lb
    bare gel penetration = 13 in.
    expansion = 0.72 in.

    .40 S&W 180 grain:
    velocity = 1010 fps
    energy = 408 ft-lb
    bare gel penetration = 11 in.
    expansion = 0.97 in.

    In looking at this data you have to decide what you think is most important. I am most impressed by gelatin penetration and expansion, since this approximates the damage in a living target. The 9mm makes a narrower hole that is deeper, while the .40 makes a wider hole that is not as deep. I conclude that if the .40 is "good" then the 9mm is very close to "good". I'd use either one based on this.

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    I go back and forth... right now I prefer to purchase new 9mm's, but love my .40S&W's... they are both great rounds... and since the only real difference to me is the cost of the actual bullet (I reload myself), and a little bit on the price of brass, but the brass is reusable... each has the exact same amount of powder that I currently use.

    It's totally up to you.
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    for me, not choosing a 40 was because of the recoil...9mm was right for the size, but felt recoil in a 40 made it hard to control the weapons I was shooting so I kept with the 9.

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    I'm NOT a "middle of the road"type guy so my handguns are 9mm(which in the last few years can be stoked with EXCELLENT loads)and 45ACP(230gr hardball even works well,but 230gr Hydra-Shoks and any modern "cousin" do the job BETTER). The 40,while a great round falls in the middle for me. In the end, get some trigger time with each caliber/gun combo and go with what you think is best. Good Luck!!
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    9 vs 40

    It all depends on what you are going to do with it. For punching holes in paper go with the 9mm and a nice Sig Sauer. We used to carry the 226 in 9mm. What a beautiful combination! It was hard to be a bad shot with that Sig! The Sig smooth
    We later moved to the Sig 229 and 40SW because it's a better man stopper. Still a great combination.

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    Oh no

    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    Here we go again.
    ...........I'll get the popcorn.
    As a newbie to this forum I appreciate your answer. However, I'm a bit surprised at the barely concealed sarcasm in your answer. As a senior member you are looked upon to provide information in your answers and the tone could be off putting to some. Search functions work, but the post count on this forum is very high and the half life of a thread is very short. I'm sure it seems easier for those who haven't been here very long to ask a question that's been asked before than to research the topic. Also, it's a way to participate in the forum.

    This is not a criticism, just some friendly advice.

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