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40 Cal or 9mm

This is a discussion on 40 Cal or 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; the bigger the caliber the better , go with the .40...

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Thread: 40 Cal or 9mm

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    the bigger the caliber the better , go with the .40
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    I carry a G23 in .40 and also a Sig 229 .40 depending on the weather. The G23 is probably the best defensive carry pistol around for concealability, accuracy, and firepower. But if I want to punch holes in paper I get out my Beretta 92. I don't consider myself undergunned with a 9mm but the Beretta is the only 9mm I have and it's just too big and heavy for anything but service carry.

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    It probably doesn't matter all that much. Really. I carry a G23 in .40. You get used to the .40's energy after a bit. It doesn't hurt, only it's lively. More than a 9mm anyway.

    I carry my gun in the woods as well as the street. I always thought the extra energy in the .40 might come in handy if attacked by a pack of ferrel mutant zombie pit bulls. Or, would the extra capacity of the 9mm be better. Hmm, decisions.

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    caliber war again. this has been gone over here many times. both are good for carry.
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    I would have to say the 9. 40 cal ammo is soo hard to find here!

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    IMO 9mm is too small. It has to start with 4

    BTW MOTO4FUN: It was the gun you liked, not the caliber. NOTHING beats a SIG
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    Why not both?

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    I could defend myself with a 9mm and feel
    thats enough gun.

    However I feel 9mm is good but .40 is
    better yet.

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    Only YOU can decided...it's like asking which should I wear, loafers or sandals?

    Now if you're asking, (I really only prefer .45's) I go with the 9mm...cheaper to shoot, and usually more rounds in the mag...OMO

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    I had a navy seal tell me while talking about 9mm vs. .45 "sometimes its more fun putting lots of holes into something".
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobk8762 View Post
    If the cost of shooting isn't an issue and the size of the weapon is the same. It seems that it comes down to number of rounds in the mag. and the ballistics. So which would you choose for personal protection?
    One year ago, or ten, I would've said 9mm or 45 and been done with it.

    Now however I've come to like the versatility of the 40 round and it's platforms. In most 40's I can put a 9mm Barrel in it and use 9mm Magazines to have a 9. I can also drop in a .357 SIG Barrel and shoot those too. That gives me some options that you don't have with just a 9mm.

    Also, with the recent ammo shortage, and being that I am very selective as to what 9mm load I will use for personal defense, I would go with the 40 as I find there are more loads in that caliber that I am willing to use and trust.

    Now that I have two 40's, although it's not my "favorite" caliber, it is my most versitle. I like it for that reason and would recommend it to anyone for the versatility alone.


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    I like the .40 caliber. It's my issued duty round, but even if it wasn't, I'd choose it for concealed carry. .40 has an excellent record in actual shootings, and I like the higher capacity and lighter/smaller pistols over the same platform in .45 ACP. My current cool weather concealed carry pistol is a Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Compact, and I couldn't be happier with it. It's a soft shooter for a .40, so I don't feel I need to step down to 9mm for shootability.

    However, when the weather gets warmer, I'll be carrying my Kahr CW9 quite a bit. It conceals more readily under light clothing, and gives me 8 rounds of 9mm, plus 14 more in a couple of spare mags in a pocket. I can hit well with it, and don't feel undergunned with good JHP defense ammo. I like the extra round over the same pistol in .40 (CW40), it's a little lighter and slimmer, and 9mm is easier to shoot out of a smaller platform. Kahr's polymer 9mm's enjoy a better reputation for reliability than their .40 caliber brothers.

    When I absolutely can't conceal anything else, there's a Ruger LCP in my pocket. It usually serves as a backup, though....rarely do I carry it by itself. .380 is not exactly the Hammer of Thor.

    So what it all boils down to for me is the particular pistol, and what I'm using it for. The .40 is great in full size or compact pistols. If I'm going smaller and lighter, the 9mm is easier to control, and you usually get a round or two extra capacity. Extra small calls for the .380.
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    Ballisticly they are so close I don’t see a reasonable difference.

    Yes, this horse has been beat before, but I for one do not mind a new thread.

    It’s more important the type/brand of bullet you use, and as always the most important thing is shot placement.

    9mm in the +P or +P+ are far superior to a normal 9 mm, and the same can be said of a 40 caliber.

    Selecting the Duty Weapon--Is Caliber the Key?
    I’ve posted this link before, and find Evan Marshall research far more valuable to true life than some Jell-O research

    I practice pistol combat about every two weeks. And while I learned years ago while shooting a 45 Colt, I find the 9mm Glock today more pleasant to shoot, and I shoot it better.

    I’d say shoot the largest caliber you can double and triple tap with and stay on target, and in the size of a pistol you feel conferrable concealing, and will carry every day, and can shoot well.

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    why am I always late for the fun stuff.
    get what you want then get the other one later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ErnieNWillis View Post
    Why not both?
    Well that's exactly what I did. I bought a Kahr PM9 for very very easy concealed carry, then I found out about the Glock retired LEO price and bought a Glock 27 which is .40cal. So now I have two easily concealed weapons in both calibers. Thanks for all the input from everyone and am sorry if this has been discussed before.

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