steyer pistols.

steyer pistols.

This is a discussion on steyer pistols. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Who can tell me about Steyer pistols. CDNN has them dirt cheap ($350). Why? Is this a bargain on an unusual and quality pistol or ...

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Thread: steyer pistols.

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    steyer pistols.

    Who can tell me about Steyer pistols. CDNN has them dirt cheap ($350). Why? Is this a bargain on an unusual and quality pistol or are they junk?

    Oops steyr is the correct spelling.
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    Yes to "bargain," no to "junk"...

    They are under-rated, in my opinion...

    Definitely worth $350 (again - my opinion), as long as the aggressive grip angle and trapezoidal sights (which can be swapped out anyhow) are to your liking.


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    I have had the pleasure of shooting a Steyr M9 on two occasions. I really like the high purchase of the grip, as well as the grip angle, and I thought it was a good shooting gun. I even like the trapezoidal sights. At the time I eliminated them from consideration for myself, the primary reason was my inability to find accessories.
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    Before you buy, be sure to check out the Steyr club site and search youtube for some videos and then make up your own mind.
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    I have owned one, and I am sorry I sold it off. It is the closest thing to a Glock you can get. They are very good quality and under-rated. I would still have it, if I did not want that S&W 27 so bad.
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    Always heard good things.

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    I put those guns in the same catagory as FNPs and Baby Deagles. Great guns that are overlooked, under rated, and underpriced. I plan to get a Baby Deagle, all metal desighn, an FNP .45 and now I may even get a Styer this year as well.
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    Looking at their website, it looks like they may be in limited supply in the near future. This isn't to say that they aren't good, I have no first hand knowledge of them, just some additional info.

    Steyr Mannlicher US:*Information on the Steyr Pistol Series

    Information on the Steyr Pistol Series
    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Since the launch of the new website back in December, there have been many questions concerning the absence of the Steyr Pistol series from our product lineup. Hopefully, we can address some of those concerns.

    Steyr Arms, Inc., which is the US Importer for Steyr-Mannlicher GMBh in Austria, has imported over 20,000 pistols into the US market over the last couple of years. Many of those pistols are still available for retail sale at various distributors and dealers across the country. However, current market conditions and currency fluctuations between the Euro and the US dollar have severely hampered the ability to produce the pistol in an economically viable manner. Unfortunately, these additional costs plus the traditional costs of importing prevent us from being able to sell the pistol at a commercially competitive price point at this time.

    For these reasons, Steyr Arms, Inc is not importing any additional quantities of pistol that will be available on the wholesale market for the foreseeable future. However, we are in a research and development phase to see how Steyr can compete in the future without sacrificing the quality that has made Steyr so popular. Please know that Steyr Arms, Inc will continue to service and warrant all current model pistols and rifles as always. We will continue to service and carry parts and accessories for all M and S series pistols in all calibers.

    Hopefully this will address any concerns or confusion that exists. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact our customer service department at 205-467-6544. Thank you for your interest in Steyr Arms.

    Scott O’Brien
    Chief Executive Officer
    Steyr Arms, Inc
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    I own two Steyrs - both are older models, an S9 and a M357. Both are excellent guns, and I happily carry them (meaning that I trust them with my life). I've shot the newer versions of the same guns, and there is very little practical difference between them. I've put thousands of rounds through the S9, and hundreds through the M357.

    For me, they've been great guns. And I've given serious consideration to picking up an extra M from CDNN at this price, just to have for spare parts if ever needed in the future - though the US affiliate says they will keep parts and service available forever.

    At $350, I think they're priced at about half what they're really worth. And yes, I own pistols in the $700 price range (and up).

    Good luck deciding -

    Jim D.

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    I'm not as experienced as many of you on the forum, but since I first got my CCW in '92 I've put alot of rounds through several 1911 variants (some custom); Glock 23, 24, and 27; Sig 226; Beretta 92 and 96; H&K P7; and, more recently, the Springfield XD Subcompact in .40.

    I can say that, without question, the Steyr M40-A1 is the best I've ever shot. I quickly got used to the triangular sights, which I now prefer actually. The M40
    is the only centerfire auto that I've been able to put 6 shots into the same hole at 25'. The high grip reduces recoil significantly. After about 2000 rounds, so far, I have not experienced any jams or other problems whatsoever. (shooting American Eagle, Hydroshocks, and my stash of old Black Talons).

    I've introduced three friends to the M40-A1 at the range. All three immediately bought one for themselves after shooting mine. (Well, one of them got the M9-A1 actually). I think that speaks volumes about Steyr.

    At $349 from CDNN, it's a steal. So much so that I just bought a second one last week. As others have posted, the gun is WAY undervalued.

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that the M models were designed by a former Glock designer who wanted to introduce improvements to Glock models, but was thwarted. Steyr welcomed him with open arms. I see the M models as fixing what remains wrong with Glock (of which I'm still a fan).


    btw: I'm always looking for an S40!

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    I got Steyr 9mm and it's a workhorse. It was cheap (yup, I do have to admit that) and while I don't shoot it often, each time I do it's fun and never have any issues with it. The slightly different high angle grip (it's not like any other semi's out there) makes it extremely easy to shoot. Oh yeah, the triangular sights are definately different but it's easy to get used to them and after that you miss not having them.

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    I agree with what everybody has said about their quality. Be aware however, that Steyr has decided to cease importing their pistols to the U.S. because of pricing issues.
    Oops. Sorry. Somebody already posted that.

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    They've been on my list for some time, but I was hoping that there would be new S models imported (finding an S that isn't waayyyy over priced is tough), having seen the news about the company stoping importation for now, I may just have to snatch up an M from CDNN at that price before they're gone.
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    I love mine and have had no problems with it[IMG][/IMG]

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