Tell me about the compact Sig 220 DAK

Tell me about the compact Sig 220 DAK

This is a discussion on Tell me about the compact Sig 220 DAK within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I looked at and really like this gun I'm referring to the all black Sig p220 compact with light rail,bobbed hammer and the DAK trigger ...

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Thread: Tell me about the compact Sig 220 DAK

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    Tell me about the compact Sig 220 DAK

    I looked at and really like this gun I'm referring to the all black Sig p220 compact with light rail,bobbed hammer and the DAK trigger I think it is,its DAO with no decocker. Anyone here have one of these guns? if so how has it performed? I know the reliability of the full size P220 is well kno,but are there any issues to with these shorter P220's?

    Its a used gun and the asking price is $600 OTD it is like brand new in the box and has both magazines and all Sig manuals,it this a good price for this gun? I figure this gun will conceal pretty easily IWB thanks for any feed back guys.

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    With a SIG classic (P-series), any size, reliability is seldom an issue. The important factors are that YOU like the gun and that YOU are comfortable with it. I'm not a fan of the DAK trigger, but I know many on here are. It's a subjective thing and it just takes getting acclimated to the two reset points. The compact P220 is, essentially, the old P245 - I believe the mags are still marked that way - a nice size carry gun. The price you quoted sounds good - of course what do I know, I live in NJ where everything is more expensive. Just do it. Remember though, you can never have just one SIG. Enjoy.


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    the price is good, I don't like the DAK trigger but you may (it's subjective)
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    What is DAK trigger?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan4x4 View Post
    What is DAK trigger?
    DAK stands for Double Action Kellerman after the man who developed it. Its a a double action trigger that has two different reset points for the trigger, as well as a lower trigger pull weight. It has second strike capability. It is a very smooth but long trigger pull. I like it, especially in a defensive handgun. It greatly reduces accidental discharges. It does take some getting used to but I like it as much of not more than DA/SA.
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    The 220 series is nice because you can get any trigger system SIG makes. I have a "special" 220 Carry in SAO, and it's a 5 lb very smooth trigger pull. So see if you cah somehow try the different trigger systems and get the one you like best! The one you looked at sounds like a decent deal.

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    If it were me, I'd buy it. But then, I had a P220 full-size that I sold and regretted almost immediately. The only thing I didn't like was the DA/SA trigger. I've been looking for a good used example in DAK.
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