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Pocket Carry : Kel Tec P3at VS Snubbie

This is a discussion on Pocket Carry : Kel Tec P3at VS Snubbie within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a small guy so a 642 in the pocket seems bulky and can actually be a bit uncomfortable. In jeans the grip on my ...

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Thread: Pocket Carry : Kel Tec P3at VS Snubbie

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    I'm a small guy so a 642 in the pocket seems bulky and can actually be a bit uncomfortable. In jeans the grip on my 642 peaks out. So in jeans or very light weight pants, the LCP or my P3AT is what I carry. I would rather have the J frame though. Both my LCP and P3AT are reliable but I do like the 5 rounds of .38 +p over the 15 rounds of .380 (that's w/the Keltec with the 1 round extension on both mags).

    Since I carry the spare .380 mag in the pocket in a leather mag holster, I know the reload is going to be long.

    So I try to find some way of carrying on the waist with something larger. My problem with summer is that I've never been an "untucked" kind of guy and don't even have many cloths that work for me. I don't ever wear T shirts.

    So I miss gun's like my New Agent in the summer!

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    I usually carry a J Frame in my weak side pocket as a back up or in my strong side pocket as my primary weapon.

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    kel tec. hard to beat a small pocket gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crzy4guns View Post
    I carry my Ruger LCP .380 in a DeSantis Nemeses pocket holster. I have tried carrying a S&W 642 .38 in my pocket, but in some low cut pants pockets the butt of the gun would show from the top of the pocket. Not good, especially around LEO's.
    Wow. I have the same guns and the same dilemma.

    Has this ever driven anyone to learn to use a sewing machine?? I hate it when all I need is a slightly deeper pocket to carry my 642.

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    Regular pants / shorts = S&W J-Frame

    Athletic pants / shorts = Ruger LCP
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    I carry both my S&W 642 and Kel-Tec P3AT. I have the 642 in my front pocket and the P3AT on a neck holster from Stellar Rigs. I like this combination because I can get to my 642 quick and I can get to my P3AT quicker than I can reload the 642. Another plus is that I can get to my P3AT quicker than my 642 while seated in the car.

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    The LCP prints (on me at least) less than the 642. And I feel quiet comfortable with it. Wife = 642 series and it works well for her.

    I agree with one of the previous posts. 2-3 well placed shots from either is going to be effective - ammo not with standing.

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    I have the 340 and the LCP. I much prefer the 340 if I can hide it. But with most pants the LCP just conceals better by far IMO.

    I love the 340 (and my 640)! I barely tolerate my LCP! But then again - when it's my only companion it's my best friend.

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    I have both the Kel Tec P 3AT and the Smith & Wesson Airweight 442 38 Spcl. I prefer the Kel Tec because of the weight difference.

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    Kel Tec in my strong side pocket as I type this now.

    With that being said, a J-frame is my next handgun purchase.
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    When I can't carry a 1911 IWB, and pocket carry is required, I go with the P-3AT, the thinnest and lightest handgun I have. 7 + 6 rounds of .380 is not a bad way to go.

    My young bride and I both have P-3ATs and they've been totally reliable.
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    I prefer a snubbie
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    No question, a P3AT is far thinner and will ride better. But, no question, any decent revolver is going to be better quality, more reliable, and even might feel nearly as light (if the revolver is in the <13oz range).
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