Taurus Revolvers How Good Are They?

Taurus Revolvers How Good Are They?

This is a discussion on Taurus Revolvers How Good Are They? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently posted that I am looking for a good pocket revolver with a price tag around $400.00- $500.00 A lot you you guys suggested ...

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Thread: Taurus Revolvers How Good Are They?

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    Taurus Revolvers How Good Are They?

    I recently posted that I am looking for a good pocket revolver with a price tag around $400.00- $500.00 A lot you you guys suggested one of the S&W J frames which I am considering. However I haven't heard much on a Taurus revolver. I found a new in box "Ultralight 2" barrel 38 spl in stainless for $349.00+ tax. I liked this little gun and the quality seemed to be acceptable. I didn't want to purchase it until I got some feedback from you guys. My question is how does Taurus compare in quality, reliability and durability to others such as S&W and Ruger?

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    Taurus has come a long way. Like a couple other makers, they've worked hard to overcome a certain stigma they had about them years ago. I should know, I had a .380 of theirs about 20 years ago.

    I've got a model 85 now that does me good. I only bought it after a lot of research both online and in person convinced me that they had gotten their act together a bit.
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    I have a Model 85 ul and think it is great. Works like a charm with no issues at all.

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    My first handgun purchase about 25+ years ago was a Taurus PT-92
    the copycat of the Beretta 92 I don't recall what I paid for it but I know it was not cheap... but cheaper then the Beretta It was purchased from John Jovino Gun Shop in New York City a local Cop Shop near 1 police plaza so I must have paid dearly lol.

    I owned that gun for almost 15 years and NEVER had a problem
    and I would buy another tomorrow, If I was in the market.

    Don't forget they offer an Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy.

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    Have one laying on the bed right now (Model 85). Haven't shot it yet, but the quality seems amazing, most likely will still buy an S&W, but for the price its a nice little gun.

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    IMO, spend the extra $ and get a S&W w/o the lock. I wish I had done that instead of buying the 85 ultra-lite that I have now.
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    I have had good luck with the Taurus revolver line. Dependable as Ruger and S&W IMHO.
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    currently my 2 different BUG's are a 605 and a 651 both are SS and can be fired thru a pocket if necessary
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    Does Taurus make a few lemons? Yep. So does Glock and just about every other manufacturer. I would rate them just as highly as any other manufacturer. Think of it as driving a Ford when everybody else is in a Mercedes. You all still get to work at the same time.
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    I agree with the 'spend a bit more' and get a S&W...

    I believe you could still stay in the $400-$500 range.
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    The only Taurus I have is a model 94 in .22. It is fine, I've put 1,000's of rounds through it.

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    I have 2 85s with concealed hammers. One is steel that I've had since 1997, the other is alloy & Ti bought last year. Both are reliable, no problems with either. I like them.

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    I have had two M 85s. One was a concealed hammer, and it sometimes failed to fire. I went through over a year of sending it back, and finally to a revolver action expert, who did not correct it. I finally after many letters and phone calls got it replaced.

    I sold it NIB and personally would always opt for the S&W.


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    They sure do make an appealing revolver. The grips feel comfortable etc. I purchased a Tracker 627 ( stainless .357 ) a couple of years ago. Really would have been a great gun to have...but the rear site blade nearly fell off after a couple of boxes of ammo through it. I think they've changed the design of the rear site... Never had an issue like that with my Ruger Super Redhawk...and I don't think Smith owners would have either.

    Anyway...I still think they are doing a great job with their products...in their price point bracket. I just haven't had the opportunity to give them a try again.


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    Only problem I've had with my 605CH was the cylinder release screw loosening up about 150 rounds into a range trip and seizing things up. A little properly applied force and some blue Loctite, and no more problems.

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