Kahr PM9 Walther PPS S&W 642

Kahr PM9 Walther PPS S&W 642

This is a discussion on Kahr PM9 Walther PPS S&W 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got my carry permit in Nov. I carry a H&K P2000sk 9mm IWB. With warmer weather coming I have thought about getting something ...

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Thread: Kahr PM9 Walther PPS S&W 642

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    Kahr PM9 Walther PPS S&W 642

    I just got my carry permit in Nov. I carry a H&K P2000sk 9mm IWB. With warmer weather coming I have thought about getting something a little smaller for certain occasions. I do a lot of bike riding and feel something smaller might be in order.

    I think this gun would be used for pocket carry but also might be carried in a holster.

    I've narrowed it down to 3. Kahr PM9, Walther PPS or S&W 642.

    The 642 would save me some money. I'm not sure about .38 or the width. I like the weight.

    The PM9 is probably my favorite but the cost is high. I have also read a thread about the barrel peening?

    The PPS is probably to big for pocket carry but I'm not sure. I have also read reports of problems with this gun that discourages me.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I pretty much agree with your assessment. I would suggest getting your favorite, as it will be cheaper buying what you want the first time around. Just to note, I've heard of the peening issue, but have not seen one in person. In my circle of gun friends, 6 or 7 of us have PM9's now. Not one has had an issue with them.
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    No experience with the Walther PPS, but I have the PM9 and it has become my "pocket carry" firearm. It displaced a Taurus 85 Ultralite Ti in that role. The 85 ultralite is dimensional the same as the S&W 642. What tipped the scales in favor of the PM9 was the following:

    Advantages of the Kahr PM9
    *6+1 rounds of 9mm+P vs. 5 rounds of 38 special +P
    *slightly shorter length of the PM9 (I have CT laser grips on the 85)
    *2 8 round mags of 9mm for quick reloads vs. 2-5 round speed loaders
    *mags conceal easier in a pocket than speedloaders (flat vs. round)
    Night sights (though you could install those XS Big Dots on a 642)

    Advantages of the Taurus 85 ul
    *edge in reliability (however I have never had a problem with the Kahr)
    *Crimson Trace laser grips (none available for polymer frame Kahrs)
    *can be fired from a pocket of a coat if needed, with semi autos probably not a good idea because of the slide possible catching on the lining of the jacket.

    For me, I decided to make the PM9 my pocket carry gun. My Taurus 85 is now my wife's "bedside companion" along with a Surefire flashlight when I am gone overnight. However I do still practice with it and carry it on rare occasions in the summer.

    What is your experience with revovlers vs. semiautos? Either would be a fine choice. Get one now and the other down the road! I just talked my brother into buying his first handgun last December and he bought a S&W 642. He will be signing up for CCW classes as soon as things slow down at his job and he stops working 60-70 hours a week!! For him, that was the best choice!
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    I own both a PM9 and S&W 442. I find myself carrying my 442 most often. No peening issues with my PM9 (IA**** serial number), nor any other functioning issues. Great gun. However, when carrying in the pocket with an Uncle Mikes pocket holster, I find that the flat profile of the gun screams "gun" to the casual observer. Not so with the "odd" shape of the revolver. With that said, I think that a pocket holster, such as a Kramer, with a rigid square panel, would conceal the outline of the PM9 just fine.


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    The PM9 or 642 sound like good choices. I personally prefer the PM9, and as the others have stated, I have not experienced peening issues. Like Sixto, I personally know many people who've never had issues with their PM9's. I wouldn't worry that Kahr's firearms are any more or less susceptible to malfunctions or problems than any other slim, lightweight firearm.
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    I really dont think you could go wrong with the PM9 or the 642, just a matter of personal preference. The pps is probably a little too big for pocket carry.
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    I have the PPS .40 and I agree it's a little big for pocket carry, but man it's an awesome concealed carry weapon with it's slim design and light weight. If pocket carry is a must I'd go with the PM9. My .02.
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    Good choices either way GOOD LUCK

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    I own and carry on a regular basis both the PM9 and S&W 642. Both are exceptional for CCW. Easy to carry in a pocket or IWB. It basically depends on your comfort level with revolvers and semi's. You cannot go wrong either way since both are at the top of most everyones list for small CCW handguns. The PM9 for such a small pistol still feels like a real gun and handles much better in my opinion than a Kel Tec, or LCP of whick I own or have owned and carried. It is a bit more pleasent to shoot than the 642 but the little Smith is not too bad, remember these guns are made to be shot relatively little and carried often. Find out what ammo runs well in them through trial and error, shoot them enough to feel safe, comfortable and relatively accurate (CCW distances) with these guns and you are good to go.

    I only use the clipdraw clip when I wear the handgun around the house of yard, I carry it in a Galco or High Noon IWB when I leave the property. Its great for hot weather carry at home or even for a quick run to the store and holds the pistol very securely, but I typically need a bit more protection that I get from a quality holster when out in public carring concealed.

    When I leave the home port:
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    Kel Tec PF-9...
    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    If you really need it, you will need it really fast. ALWAYS one in the chamber.
    Nuf said!

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    Just buy the PM9 and be done with it. Its a great gun!!
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    PM9. But I do plan to get a J Frame too, some day...

    Regards, T Bone.

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    I can carry my PPS in the pocket depending on the pants pocket. You can see a slight bulge when I'm walking but that is it. The problems with the PPS should be no more. I have a 1ST Edition and have had no problems yet.

    I do like the PM9 though, and someday I think I'll get one. I have heard that they can be finicky because of the tight fitting of the parts.
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    I'm also a fan of the PPS, though I find it too large for pocket carry, too. So I got a P3AT for that.
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    +1 on the Kahr PM9. The Kahr is quickly becoming my EDC, especially with its ease and comfort when conealing at the office. I also have had no problems with my PM9. The S&W 642 would also be a good option, but I think you will be much happier with the PM9.

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