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dryfire taboo?

This is a discussion on dryfire taboo? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Ruger SRH that I have DF prob over 5,000 times and still feels the same to me... Works everytime too......

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Thread: dryfire taboo?

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    I have a Ruger SRH that I have DF prob over 5,000 times and still feels the same to me...
    Works everytime too...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JT
    I gurantee it won't hurt a Glock
    hammering rail road spikes into pavement wont hurt a glock.

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    I will dry fire my own guns, and I have snap caps, too. With other people's guns, I ask first, since a lot of people are very touchy about it. I mostly avoid doing it at gun shows or gun shops, since the CLICK tends to make people's heads turn and I get glares, even when the gun was cleared and pointed in a safe direction.

    I think Taurus has in their manual that they don't recommend dry-firing.
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    I called the folks at H&K about this several years ago. I was told that if the firing pin was going to break at, say, 10000 shots, it didn't matter whether it was 10000 live rounds or 10000 dry fires. The guy followed up with "I dry fire mine all the time." Of course, he probably gets cheap or free parts and service.

    As far as dealers, I had one tell me that their insurance company prohibited dry firing - I don't know if that's BS or not. I can see that the dealer might not want everyone dry firing their inventory. As a customer, if I buy a new gun I want a new gun, not one that has been dry fired 10000 times.


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    I dry fire my centerfires all the time. Rimfires-nope. I have a P99 Walther that has the longest and weirdest single action pull I have ever felt. Dry fired it for a while before I was comfortable with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    Certainly - even with .22's like new Rugers where they say OK - hate the thought of pin hitting chamber face instead of brass!

    Other guns, centerfires - well stuff like cast pins in CX-52's are a classic no-no - and it used to be said that excessive dry fire of some shotties peened the pin and could make removal hard if required.

    Most modern guns are OK but still feel that repeated and frequent dry fire cannot but be made better for the gun by using snap caps - good ones do cushion FP from that fast travel against nothing! T

    his I feel applies more to hammer driven pins than strikers, and revo's with transfer bars don't really complain.
    What he said.
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