Tell me about the Rohrbaugh R9 please

Tell me about the Rohrbaugh R9 please

This is a discussion on Tell me about the Rohrbaugh R9 please within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've always like these guns and may be able to finally afford one,but I'm looking for feedback from those here who own them. I heard ...

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Thread: Tell me about the Rohrbaugh R9 please

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    Tell me about the Rohrbaugh R9 please

    I've always like these guns and may be able to finally afford one,but I'm looking for feedback from those here who own them. I heard the the recoil springs need to be replaced every 200 rounds and the gun IS NOT rated for +P ammo is this true? Is the gun isn't +P rated why is this the case? I understand the Rohrbaugh is a very high quality,well made gun sp why no +P ammo in these?

    Also how is the trigger pull on these and is the recoil that bad? last thing is are there long waits to buy one of these? thanks for any help on this.

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    I had 1 and I really loved the looks and the size and the feel of the gun. I never could get it to not jam so I had to get rid of it. I hated to sell it but a gun that is not reliable is no good to me. I am not saying all of them are like that.....but I joined thye Rhorbaugh forum and that was a common problem. So thats my experience with it for what its worth!!!
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    Well . . .

    Yes, it is true that they are not rated for +P. And the company now recommends replacing the recoil spring after 200 rounds.

    Personally, I change my spring after 100. Hey, it's only $5 and takes like a minute to change. No biggie.

    I love my little R9 (serial # in the low 200's) for what it is: an incredible piece of engineering that allows me to carry 7 rounds (6+1) of 9mm in a very very small package. There are times when it is the only gun I own which is suitable for concealed carry.

    That said, it is fairly brutal to shoot. Physics are physics, and that recoil has to go somewhere. Yeah, the recoil spring sucks up a chunk of it - there's a reason it has to be replaced so often - but the rest goes into your hand. It is not pleasant to shoot. At all. Worse - much worse - than a 642 with hot +P loads. And I am not particularly recoil sensitive.

    Besides, I shoot my 642 better, if I want a little pocket pistol. So, if I want a pocket pistol, that is more likely to be the one I have. But the R9 will do it's job, and do it well, if and when I need it.

    Is it the right gun for you? Maybe. Find someone close to you who has one, and give it a try. It is such a challenge to shoot that many people experience problems with the gun not cycling properly - you really have to know what you are doing with a semi, and hold it tight. But do that, and it will be a dependable gun. 9mm in the smallest package you could hope for.

    Cheers -

    Jim D.

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    Actually it's not the spring that has to be replaced every 200 rounds, it's your hand that has to be replaced...they're real kickers...

    Too many other nice sidearms out there without that price tag. OMO
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    It's my everyday gun; and if I'd just bought one a couple of years ago instead of the several others I tried in the interval looking for the right carry selection, I would have saved money. I've had no problems and am not brutalized shooting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post

    Too many other nice sidearms out there without that price tag. OMO
    what he said, right there.

    one of my local shops is a Rohrbaugh dealer. i was looking one over; it is a beautifully finished gun, and feels good in the hand. when i asked the salesman about it, he told me about the recoil spring situation, and the ammo situation. basically, if i planned on buying a gun to practice with, i'd be better off buying something else; the Rohrbaugh is meant to be carried, not shot.

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    I will stick with my Kahr PM9 for a pocket gun. It runs great.

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    How does it stack up, recoil wise with a Kahr PM9?

    Anyone shot both? Does the polymer frame of the Kahr make recoil worse?

    Not meaning to hijack OP's thread, but is along the same theme
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