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How old were you when you first bought your gun

This is a discussion on How old were you when you first bought your gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was 21 and it was a Browning 9mm....

View Poll Results: How old were you when you bought your first gun..and how old are you now?

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  • first gun at 15-18

    75 36.95%
  • first gun at 18-21

    49 24.14%
  • first gun at 21-28

    53 26.11%
  • first gun at 28-40

    11 5.42%
  • first gun at 40 and up

    5 2.46%
  • you are 15-18 yrs old

    3 1.48%
  • you are 18-21 yrs old

    8 3.94%
  • you are 21-28 years old

    18 8.87%
  • you are 28-35 years old

    23 11.33%
  • you are 35-45 years old

    23 11.33%
  • you are 45-60 years old

    36 17.73%
  • you have written your will...60^

    9 4.43%
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Thread: How old were you when you first bought your gun

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    Dayton, Nevada
    I was 21 and it was a Browning 9mm.
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    I "owned" my first gun when I was like 4 or 5 - never got to shoot it, but it was "mine" and stayed in the gun cabinet...

    And this is what it looked like or close to it... It would be worth $10,000 if I still had it today..
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    Not counting my Red Ryder BB gun, I didn't actually buy my first gun until a year ago. All my guns/rifles previous to that were handed down or willed to me.
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    I was given a 22 rifle when I was 12.

    The first gun I bought myself was a 22 Ruger pistol when I was 19. And, I had no business having that gun. I was pretty wild back then. Luckly, nothing bad happened.

    I am older than dirt now and much more responsable. A little smarter too.

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    technically the first gun I bought was when I was 17 after there had been a string of armed robberies locally. I didn't keep it long and the next gun I legally purchased I was 31.

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    I shot/hunted with several of my dad's .22s and .410, I was given my first one to call my own for Christmas at 9 yrs old, a Savage single shot 20ga

    The first one I bought myself was my Mossberg 500 Persuader at 26 yrs old. I had been given several others up to this point.
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    My first gun was a 12 gauge Remington 870 at 16-17.

    I think the first gun I ever bought myself was either a Remington M700 in .30-06 or a SKS-D. Can't remember which one I bought first but I was 18.

    First handgun was a Sig P-226 at 21.
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    Remington 1100 at age 16.. First handgun at 26, S&W Model 686 357mag.
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    12 years old Remeington 870, thousands of rounds and at 51 years old I stilll have it and it shoots great.

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    First gun was in my early 20's, H&R single shot 12 gauge. Then nothing for about 10 years, of course 4 of that was spent in Germany. Right after I got back (I was 30) bought my Ruger Mark II and a Ruger Blackhawk .357 as well as a Marlin model 75c .22. Collection has continued since then.

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    first two guns were presents from my dad(he was never into gunswhile i was growing up, and has now found the enjoyment of them through our playin cowboy in his town hes built up in his back yard), a .44 1860 army blackpowder revolver, then a winchester model 94 30-30. the first gun i bought was a remington 870 12 guage

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    I read an article by Bob Milek about the Ruger Redhawk back in high school. I saved landscaping money and caddying money most of the summer. A couple weeks before school, my dad took me down to the gun shop and I plunked down $319.99 plus tax on a brand new, stainless, 7 1/2" .44 magnum Redhawk. It took me a while to learn how to shoot it but I loved that gun. It stayed in my dad's gun cabinet until I turned 18 but I loved showing it to my friends when I was allowed to. That was the first gun I paid for. It was 3 weeks before my 17th birthday. I'm 41 now. Sorry for rambling but it brought back some good memories.

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    Bought my first at 18. It was (is) a Browning BL22 lever action. Still have it...will never sell it.

    Second was a Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 ga. Still have it.

    Third was a S&W Mod. 28 Highway Patrolman. Wish I still had that one!
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    a Khar k40, I was 25 both when I bought it and now!

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    Knoxville, TN
    I was in my mid-twenties; I don't remember exactly when. I was buying in advance of the Clinton gun-ban agenda. The gun was a Beretta 92FS and I still have it - it's a great pistol. I'm now 43.

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