"Guido" May Become My Every Day Carry!

"Guido" May Become My Every Day Carry!

This is a discussion on "Guido" May Become My Every Day Carry! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I usually carry my SIG P229 SAS, or my Glock 26, and while I am confident in my abilities with them, I keep getting a ...

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Thread: "Guido" May Become My Every Day Carry!

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    "Guido" May Become My Every Day Carry!

    I usually carry my SIG P229 SAS, or my Glock 26, and while I am confident in my abilities with them, I keep getting a tap on the shoulder from Guido, my Beretta 92G-SD (yes, I name all of my guns).

    Yesterday, in preparation for our first USPSA match on Saturday, I took the Beretta out to the range. To check out sights, picture and trigger control, I slapped up some orange stickers and shot from 5, 10 and 20 yards. This was freestyle, no rest. At 5 and 10 yards, a 1" group. At 20, just 1 1/2". It was a fine moment!

    This pistol had an Ernest Langdon (when he was with Beretta) competition trigger job, with a hammer spring so light that carry was discouraged. So, I've put in a heavier hammer spring ("D spring") and will try carry with Guido in a CTAC.

    I am so confident when I shoot this pistol that it has earned a space in the rotation, and may even be a starter!

    I'm always telling folks to carry that handgun that they are most confident with--time to practice what I preach.
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    I really liked my 92F, and shot big ragged holes in targets with it. The problem was, I'm primarily a Glock guy; when I'd draw and present my Beretta, the front sight would be so low that I couldn't see it, due to the difference in grip angle. I worked with both guns for months, but I just couldn't get to the point where I could switch back and forth between the two without practicing draws for two weeks afterward.
    I had a Side Guard Slide holster made for the 92F, and I carried it quite a bit. It's a tish big and heavy for concealment, but I did just fine with it.
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    My Beretta M9 is one of the best 9mm handguns I have. As soon as I bring the sights up to eye level I am staring at the front sight between the rear sight. When I pick up my G19 I have to adjust my grip a bit to find the sight picture. I can tear one big ragged hole in the target at 10 and 15 yards with it the M9 except the first shot tends to be a bit to the left because I shoot DA to start with, then it is all quick and accurate single action shots. This is why I am considering the SIG P229 as my primary carry, but I will not get rid of my G19 to get the SIG.
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