New toy,,,, I wasnt strong enuffff...

New toy,,,, I wasnt strong enuffff...

This is a discussion on New toy,,,, I wasnt strong enuffff... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I have been looking for a new handgun , I had pretty much settled on a Sig P220.... right up until I found a ...

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Thread: New toy,,,, I wasnt strong enuffff...

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    New toy,,,, I wasnt strong enuffff...

    Well I have been looking for a new handgun , I had pretty much settled on a Sig P220.... right up until I found a New in box HK USP 9mm for under 600.00 . I tried to be strong, I tried to not listen to it call my name , but after some checking & finding out the price was almost cost, i plunked down my monthly gun money..
    I am now the proud ( debatable) owner of an HK USP.

    So anything I need to know about the USP line of pistols, anything to watch out for?

    I am still looking for a SIg , but it will have to wait until next month now.

    Take Care & Stay Safe.
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    If I was not a SIGophile then HK's would be real close behind. Nice gun. We have a number of USP people hear so you'll get some good feedback.
    Chris - P95
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    When The Firearm Calls And Speaks Your Name

    The Shooter/Buyer must always listen & not ignore that voice.
    Congrats on buying yourself a very nice firearm.

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    Congrats, but remember, those SIGs yell real loud!

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    USP series is a good 1. i have had my .40 f for 13 + years without problems. Mags are a bit expensive, though.

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    congrats and

    And nothing to really watch for on the usp other than rocky said the mags are expensive

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    Congrats on your new HK USP!!
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    HK .45F here. Mine, NIB, was under $600 . Got it when it first came out and before you started paying a couple of hundred for the name also.

    Over 5000 rounds, I would actually guestimate it more at around 7 - 10000 to be more accurate.

    The gun shoots better than I could ever hope. In my hands I get constant great groups low center. In the hands of many of my friends that shoot better than I do, center hits with great groups.

    Some don't like the feel of the grip or the looks. It's one of the only double stakes that I felt comfort holding. As for looks, I don't care what it looks like as long as it works (well, the Hi-Points are really ugly though ).

    The pistol worked out of the box, without failure and is very easy to strip for cleaning.

    Cons: Mags are expensive. The 9mm and the .40 not as much as the .45 so you will get them cheaper than I (for 10+ also). Some people don't like the enlarge trigger guard but that is that way for a purpose, for when you are wearing gloves, and it works because I have fired it this way (wearing gloves).

    Some "tidbits" of information: I can't find where I put it or on the net anymore but years ago I read about some brutal tests that they were conducting. They didn't have a Sig at the time (I don't know if Sigs where relatively new or what) but they tested a bunch of guns with water, ice, mud, snow, running over them, etc.. and then fired them.

    All guns failed except for the Glock and the HK (and I'm sure that Sig would have passed also) which passed each and every test. Oh, they used the same gun for each test, not a different one.

    If I sound abit bias, I guess I am. But, I would not pay the prices that they have today when I know how much they were when I got mine and knowing that you're paying the extra $$$ for the name, not the pistol.


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    Nothing like picking up a new weapon. Don't have HK's but the USP owners love them. Looks like the P220 next month or?

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    congrats on that Usp........good choice .....I have the Compact...........if you need night sights for the full size.. I have a almost new too LOl
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    You will love the HK USP. I have two and have had nothing but good results. I actually like the full size (mine are .40 S&W) better than the compact. The full size has a larger trigger guard, which works better for me. Accuracy is outstanding for my tired old eyes. The gun shoots much better than I do. It has been reliable with several different types of ammo. I've shot Federal American Eagle, WWB, Winchester Silver tips, Speer Gold Dots (165 gr), Federal Hy-shock, and Double Tap, both 155gr and now have them stoked with the new Double Tap 200 gr XTP HP. Both guns shoot everything. I have about 600 rounds through each one and have had zero problems.
    Congrats on the new HK.
    Oh yea, read the manual before you go to the range. Be sure the lock out device is unlocked. Instructions are on page 60 of teh operators manual.

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    My birthday was the beginning of this month .So I went down to my gunshop sold one of my rifles and also bought an HK USP 40 . merlin45kout

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    good buy there, thinking about a p7 sometime in the future...
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