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This is a discussion on Compact .40 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm going with the glock myself. But only because I can have a full size 22, 23, 35 for home defense and cc the 27 ...

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Thread: Compact .40

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    I'm going with the glock myself. But only because I can have a full size 22, 23, 35 for home defense and cc the 27 and use same clips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loadedtech View Post
    I'm going with the glock myself. But only because I can have a full size 22, 23, 35 for home defense and cc the 27 and use same clips.
    Just FYI...not bagging on you. But you will catch grief on here for calling pistol magazines... clips. Clips go in rifles or hold your holster to your pants. You've been warned.
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    The glock 23 is a compact and it holds 13+1. You can't beat a glock.
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    The Sig P250 compact comes with standard 13 rd mag (.40 s&w/.357 sig). Is a nice gun once you get used to the dao trigger.
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    H&K USP Compact 40 holds 12 +1
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    well u could go with a kahr cw-40 or k-40 but not nearly the number of rounds u want!
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    Glock 23
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    <-------- Icon in my avatar.. LOL, but I really do like Glock, and the reliability they have in time of need. Right now also they seem to be decently priced.

    Glock27/ KaBar TDI/ MTAC Holster. I have more also, but this combination works well..

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    Just a casual observation on the many great comments and recommendations:

    While I would certainly agree that the Sig 229/228/250 and the Glock 23 and the H&K are very nice pistols (aiming for a Sig 229 myself), I wouldn't in any way consider them "compact" pistols, unless you are comparing them to full sized, service guns like the 5" 1911 or an XDM or something. They are concealable, absolutely, but "compact"?

    My Springfield XD subcompact 40 is compact, with a 3" barrel, but it's probably at the limit of what I consider compact. Ditto on the Glock 27. 4" barrel, 12-13 round, 1.5" pistols are concealable, eminently usable, but not compact (even though I know the manufacturers call them compact). Just my two cents, since the original poster was looking for a compact pistol. I guess everyone's definition can vary, eh?
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    There's a host of compact .40's on the market, my
    choice is a Glock 23.
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    Glock 23

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    JohnHenry makes good points. To truly go compact/subcompact, and stay with the same caliber, are you looking primarily at barrel length? Width? Are you willing to sacrifice some capacity?
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    I have the XD .40 SC, and it is a fantastic weapon, and points better than a Glock for me (that few degrees difference on the Glock bothers me, although it is a wonderrfully functioning weapon) If you can manage to hide the length of the grip, the XD comes with a second extended magazine that holds 12 (I believe, it's locked up and I'm lazy) rounds plus the one in the pipe. Carried with a 15 degree or more cant it would probably still conceal. I carry it with the 9 + 1 and leave the extended mag for home use. A great excuse to have a j-frame in a pocket holster if you want more rounds....
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    Basically im looking for something thats easier to conceal, mailnly the grip length, then my M&P. Not necassarily "compact". But no, i dont want to give up capacity. I would like at least 12 rounds. G23 sounds ok. I may look into it. But from my prior experience with them im not much for "blocks". Maybe ill change my mind. They do offer great concealability with hi-cap. As far as the sigs go, there about the same size as my M&P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigdl86 View Post
    Im looking into another .40 pistol but i want something just a bit smaller then my full size M&P. I would also like to have a minimum of 12 rounds on tap. Any suggestions?
    Did you consider the M&P compact in .40. If you keep your FS you will have 2 that are very much alike and will not have to retrain your brain if you get something different.

    Both the M&P FS and compact shoot great.

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