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My carry weapons.

This is a discussion on My carry weapons. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You will never need that much ammo......Untill you stop carrying it. I say , "if you can pack it, do so"....

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Thread: My carry weapons.

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    You will never need that much ammo......Untill you stop carrying it. I say , "if you can pack it, do so".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
    Impossible. Having too much ordnance is like having too much money.

    Welcome to the forum!
    Too much money IS overkill...I think...but I've never been in that situation, I'm only guessing.

    To the OP...
    If you're asking, yes I think that you are either working in Baghdad, or it is a bit over the top, but that's really for you to decide. If you want to provide yourself with that much firepower, why wouldn't you keep it all in the same caliber, or carry two identical guns with extra mags...then it's ALL backed up...two identical guns with extra mags that would fit in either weapon. asked.
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    if you feel you can carry that and can pull it off well, then thats what you do. i don't know if i could carry 2 full size guns but then again i'm a small guy. i'm still waiting to get my pocket bug

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    I have to say that I feel you are a little over the top. Nothing wrong with having a primary and back up with reloads. However you are making statements about retained knockdown power at 30 yards. If you have that much distance between you and a bad guy than how much of a threat is there? True you could be pinned down but I would be more worried with cover and escape than trying to trade shots at that distance. Not trying to bust on you but you did ask for opinions. Good luck and I hope you never need even one of those rounds.
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    No matter what you carry, ALWAYS carry a spare mag, speed-loader, speed strip or whatever you reload with, ALWAYS
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    I hope I never have to engage anyone at 30 yards. But sometimes where I go there is no exit or way to get out a situation it is possible it could happen. I try to think of things that might or could happen and try to prepare myself.

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    If your a big guy and can conceal that firepower all means, Via Con Dios. But I am 6'3", 285 lbs and I can barely conceal my G23 and a spare mag reliably. I would have to see your concealment package. That would be interesting.

    BTW....Where are the pictures?!?!?!?!?!
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    I usually wear a XXL shirt, 5.11 Covert Casual Shirt. Magills Concealment T-Shirt. I carry my Glock 29 in that with two magazines on one side and the two mags for the Glock 23 on the other side. I then carry my glock 23 in a Scorpion IWB Holster. I have never had a issue. I can bend down, crawl, and do my daily job with out any issues. I don't have any pictures yet but will try to do some soon. I could also carry my glock 29 on my ankle if needed. Hope this helps.

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    I know I couldn't carry all that, all day. But if it makes you happy, go for it.

    If I thought I might need all that firepower, I would probably stay away from wherever you are going!

    I also suggest you go with 2 weapons of the same caliber and a couple of reloads. Wouldn't want to stick the wrong mag in the wrong weapon under stress.

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    Carry what you'd like. If the zombies strike, you'll with you had more. I do have to agree that carrying two of the same caliber might make more sense.
    I get odd looks from "gun people' because I carry two spare mags for my 1911
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    Welcome man, and look at it this way...if SHTF, you'll be more than ready to battle.

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