Ruger lcr???

Ruger lcr???

This is a discussion on Ruger lcr??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just saw the new ruger 38 cal. Pistol that ruger is coming out with its called the lcr, i was wondering if anyone else ...

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Thread: Ruger lcr???

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    Ruger lcr???

    I just saw the new ruger 38 cal. Pistol that ruger is coming out with its called the lcr, i was wondering if anyone else saw it and what they think. I think it looks good and would be intrested in it.

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    Looks like an interesting peice to me. Time will tell since its the first polly revolver coming out. I bet recoil is fun though!
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    Im sure they'll be pretty nice. After we get a sticky at the top of the forum first though LOL

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    What the advantage of an LCR vs a Smith and Wesson J-frame?
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    I saw it too. Looks pretty neat and I am interested in it. I just wonder about the polymer side of it and how it will handle or if its even needed.
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    Difference with S&W? Price point, I'm sure. The LCR frame will be cheaper material, and easier to put in the final shape to keep manufacturing cost down.
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    I think they are ugly a sin.

    Plus with Ruger's rep with recalls lately I think I'll stick with the tried and true J-frame.
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    Saw and handled them at the SHOT show, not impressed. Much as I LIKE Ruger products, this is one I'll pass on. Only one of a about 6 on display was actually in fully functional condition. Sure they were handled a lot, but I did not care for it. I stick with my J frame.

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    No Thank You...

    I'll give it a few years to work out the problems...there are always problems.
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    I think waiting at least a year to let Ruger work out the kinks is a good idea. No sense in becoming an unpaid research and development field tester for Ruger.
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    I'll pass on the LCR (Little Crappy Revolver). Ruger can't get a copy of the P3AT (LCP) right how they gonna pull off a polymer framed revolver? How much you want to bet it want be recalled?
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    I have seen one. Much prefer the S&W snubbies and even the Taurus more so then the LCR (its butt ugly). For those who are thinking of getting one I think I would hold off a few months until they have been out there on the range and see how they do in practice. See if any problems show up. S&W has had a line of snubbies that are tried and true for years and I can't see a reason to jump into something just because it is new.
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    like my fellow DC'ers say, wait and let them work it out, I'm sure they have to have bug in them and also remember , the lighter the pistol the more it will kick
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