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Hk p30

This is a discussion on Hk p30 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was just curious if anyone knows if you can get one of these pistols anywhere for under $800 new. I have a friend that wants ...

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    Hk p30

    Was just curious if anyone knows if you can get one of these pistols anywhere for under $800 new. I have a friend that wants one of these.
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    Good luck with that. Your lucky if you find them under $850 right now. I'd check gunbroker, and some of the HK boards, but everybody that has one is proud of it and they aren't letting them go easily since everybody is trying to find one. Good luck with your search but he might have to pay the price or settle for something else like a usp or a P2000.

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    cheaper then dirt in fort worth had two last week for $835 I saw them when I bought my sig 229, but I doubt they still have them, good luck
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    I had one in my hands a few weeks ago, it was available for 775. I'm sure its no longer though.
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    cdnn last time I checked had them for under 800. You would have to call them, I think their number is on their website.

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    I've never seen them that cheap myself.
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    I have the latest CDNN catalog here. They are $747 and $19 ship. The long slide version is $795.
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    I held one today...neat pistol..I like the yellow local shop had it for $895..but money talks with them...wish I had asked about it...

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