another glock 27 vs. 23 debate

another glock 27 vs. 23 debate

This is a discussion on another glock 27 vs. 23 debate within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i know this has been discussed time and time out, but here's my personal debate..... I want to get a glock in a .40, i've ...

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Thread: another glock 27 vs. 23 debate

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    another glock 27 vs. 23 debate

    i know this has been discussed time and time out, but here's my personal debate.....

    I want to get a glock in a .40, i've shot both the 27 and the 23. shot both very well. The 27 i shot had a magazine extension on it and i shot it well with it and without it.

    I guess the real problem is I live in Illinois... i know.... we're still waiting and praying for the day of CC.

    But I want to have this gun primarily for home use, for now. But down the road either live in a state that has CC or hopefully Illinois will pass it sometime.

    I just want to hear some opinions on the best route I should go.

    I have a 12 gauge, .380, and .22 pistol but want a dependable good handgun that's of larger caliber. And i have always wanted a glock so I've finally narrowed it to these 2.

    Any opinions or comments are appreciated.


    P.S. I forgot to mention that I have a guy that wants to sell me a glock 27 with less that 100 rds through it, with night sights and 2 mags with extensions and extended controls for $500. So that's why I'm leaning towards the glock 27.

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    I'd get the 27. If you want more rounds for home defense buy a magazine for a Glock 22 to keep in it when its on the nightstand.
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    I had the 23, and I have the 19. If it is going to be for home use primarily, I'd definitely get the 23. it is large enough to be comfortable but small enough that it will be easily concealable, if that time ever comes. Besides, the 27 with the pinky rest is almost the same size in the grip length as the 23. Might as well get 3 more rounds and a little more velocity and sight radius too.
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    [[B]QUOTE=chrise2004;1082454]P.S. I forgot to mention that I have a guy that wants to sell me a glock 27 with less that 100 rds through it, with night sights and 2 mags with extensions and extended controls for $500. So that's why I'm leaning towards the glock 27.[/QUOTE]

    That's a really good deal. I think you should jump all over that.
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    Senior Member Array scottc's Avatar
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    I had both a 27 and 23. If you shot both I would go with which one you were the most confident with. If you like both go with the 27 as it sounds like a very good deal.
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    If you are going to put a mag extension on the 27, may as well get the 23, as the grip length will then be a about the same.

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    I would also pick the 23 for your circumstances. I conceal a 19 all day, and I'm 5'8" 140. If I can do it, anybody can.

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    I've owned/carried both extensively and I would get the G23. After you've added the grip extension you've basically got a short barreled G23 anyway.

    When, hopefully, you are able to carry it the G23 is no harder to conceal than the G27.

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    I would get the smaller gun, as you can put a 23 mag into it with this:

    That way you can have the more versatile gun, small when you want it small, but can still take the larger mags. Can't cut down the grip on a G-23.

    Honestly, once you get one, you will end up getting the other anyways. Then you can get some 9mm, and .357 sig conversion barrels.....the options are endless.

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    Currently toting a 19 but I prefer the 27 over the 23 when it comes to .40 SW. No logical explanation, I just liked the way the butt of the grip tucked into the bottom of my palm. I've owned 2 23s and 2 27s and carried a 27 daily for about 8 years. Btw, decent deal on that 27, I'd grab it.

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    Love my little G27. Love my G19 as well, and I can conceal it just as well as the G27, so.................I might go with the G23 in this case. Higher magazine capacity (if you can find the standard capacity magazines-13rds), and since you've mentioned a home defense purpose, the G23 has a rail for flashlight/laser mounting options as well. To me, the ability to mount a light on the pistol is almost essential in a family home defense environment.

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    I have a 23 and like it well enough. It is not a pocket (coat primarily) gun like the 27 can be. You could buy the 27 and stick a 22 magazine in it for home defense. That will give you 15 standard (and 17 optional) rounds. They are both great guns. I have considered getting the 27 as an easier carry piece, as well as keeping the 23 where wearing it under my coat keeps it concealed. Neither gun is a deep concealment weapon but the 27 comes closest.

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    I love my 27.
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    Get the great deal on the 27...then save the $$$ and get the 23 too.
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    If it is mainly for home use go with the G23 - then you can conceal with it if that time comes. A G22 would work for home use - also a .40 cal

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