Do you stick with one platform or diversify?

Do you stick with one platform or diversify?

This is a discussion on Do you stick with one platform or diversify? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I carry IWB, I typically pick one of my Glocks. I have a couple of Sigs (P220 and P226) that are excellent shooters. But, ...

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Thread: Do you stick with one platform or diversify?

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    Do you stick with one platform or diversify?

    When I carry IWB, I typically pick one of my Glocks. I have a couple of Sigs (P220 and P226) that are excellent shooters. But, they are too big for concealed carry. As such, I don't shoot them much.

    Should I sell the Sigs and pick up one or more Glocks in .45ACP? I'm thinking about a G30SF to start.

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    I'd never tell anyone to sell their Sigs but I can reccomend the 30 SF highly if they dig the platform.

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    So far I only have two and they're both HK...if I get on where I want to later on the issue G22s, so guess I'll be forced to add a glock to the stable. Plan to pick up many more though.

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    I carry one of Kimber Ultra CDP is with me most of the time, but on my Harley, it my Glock-36.
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    I pretty much stick to my Glocks in 9mm or 40S&W, but I've been known to carry the best full size 45acp pistol in the world from time to time. P220 SAO.

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    My plan is to minimize the platforms I have.

    So far I've kept it down to 2 revolver types and 2 auto types. But I plan on picking up at least another type of each.

    So I guess things aren't going according to the plan.

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    After many years and many handguns I am now down to two types. Easier for both my wife and me to deal with.

    1. Walther P99s- one full size in .40 and a compact in 9mm
    2. Snubbie revolvers- one Colt Det. Special in .38Spl+P and a Ruger SP101 in .357


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    I'm a BIG proponent of the 'similar platforms/caliber' line of thinking.

    Having said that, there's not a thing in the world wrong with 'diversity' either!

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    For carry it's either a Glock or a S&W revolver, J or K frame.

    For the fun in life, I'm all over the place.

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    Good question. I find myself asking the same question. Right now, I've got a Walther PPS .40 and a P3AT. My wife's got a similar with her P32, but her home gun's a Taurus snubbie.

    I've had SIGs before and keep eyeing them. Plus I'm leaning toward an M&P as well. Add to that the fact my wife keeps "mentioning" a larger autoloader for her, and we could end up being a family of diversity too.

    I sometimes wonder if that's really a good idea, especially for her. In the dead of night, in the dark, when disoriented, will different manuals of arms cause hesitation or fumbling?
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    I have standardized on Glocks and simular actions for carry and games most of the time. But I still play with revolvers, 1911's and HP's - old habits are hard to break
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    IMHO... This whole gun thing’ we share here on the forum, has a lot to do with our passion for firearms as a hobby. IMHO... For a few of us, the legal conceal carry element is merely an added bonus to that end, as well as self-protection. In short, I love diversity in my selection of guns. If I had more available resources, I would love to own 3-4 revolvers and 3-4 autos of the highest quality.

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    I pretty much stick to "point and click" type weapons in my carry arsenal. I have a p228 and a G23 for primaries. However, I am looking toward an LCP or Guardian or j frame for my pocket gun/BUG. Still "P and C" but deciedly different platforms than my primary pieces.
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    Only as far as not having a external safety.
    I pretty much stick to Glocks, Sigs and revolvers.
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    1911 type platforms and revolvers
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