Revolver Vs Semi-Auto for Personal Carry

Revolver Vs Semi-Auto for Personal Carry

This is a discussion on Revolver Vs Semi-Auto for Personal Carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For a long time I ascribed to the notion that in order to become really efficient with a handgun it was best to shoot one ...

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Thread: Revolver Vs Semi-Auto for Personal Carry

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    Arrow Revolver Vs Semi-Auto for Personal Carry

    For a long time I ascribed to the notion that in order to become really efficient with a handgun it was best to shoot one well designed high quality firearm, so you become completely familiar with its operation and respond automatically in a threatening situation.
    However with advanced age comes mountains of wisdom and I find one must be proficient with several firearms depending on the needs and intention of the Shooter.
    I would like to hear from other shooters why you prefer to carry a revolver, or why you choose to go semi-auto in your handgun,
    Thanks for the comments:)

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    right now i carry semi b/c it holds more rounds and i don't have the money to buy a good holster for my security six and the speed load holders. that and i can reload waaaaaaay faster with auto than 6 shooter...then again i practice more w/ the auto. if i ever get the stuff i need i'll switch off between the two though.

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    Revolvers are not without their problems...they have been known to 'lock up'. That said, I still prefer to carry a semi...
    Clearing problems becomes smoother with practice, more accurate shooting and follow-up (for me), capable of more rounds in less time (again, for me).

    The semi...because I have grown accustomed to, and more comfortable with its operation.
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    I carried a revolver for the last 10 years or so. I liked the simplicity. Never felt the need for more rounds as I lived in a quiet suburb in New England. Low crime rate etc.

    However, times are changing. I moved to Florida and the crime rate is much higher here. I currently carry a G26 with a spare G19 mag. I like having a lot more rounds at my disposal. Much faster reloads is a plus. And it conceals as well as a J frame.

    For me it is all about the math.
    G26 and spare G19 mag = 26 rounds
    J frame and 1 speed loader and 1 speed strip = 15 rounds
    1 reload with the Glock is way faster than 2 revolver reloads

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    both just on personal preferance i have an auto but my wife has a wheel gun the both are nice it is just what you feel comfortable to shoot

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    I have both.....see signature. But I am considering getting a Glock 19 for more rounds.
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    I grew up shooting revolvers. My first carry guns were revolvers and I could probably be happy carrying them again but I do like the flatness of semis. I like the lighter weight and the ease of reloading. Mag capacity doesn't hurt either.

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    I alternate between my J-frame and my 1911.
    Generally I prefer the J-frame, for a couple reasons, it's smaller, lighter and easier to conceal, and I shoot it better than the Kimber.
    Each has it's place and one isn't really better than the other for me.
    I choose my carry gun by the day and my plans, at home the J-frame is my go to gun, other days and other places the 1911 and an extra mag make a better option for me.
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    If I need to wear my shirt tucked, I carry my 642 J frame in a pocket holster. If I can wear an untucked shirt, then I carry my Ultra Carry OWB.

    I practice with both and feel reasonably confident with both.
    "It does not do to leave a dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him."

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    I carry both most of the time (S&W 640 as a BUG), but ALL the time the revolver NEVER leaves my side... especially if I am in a hurry to leave home. If my handguns are not reliable, I don't carry it , let alone want to own it (unless it would be relagated to a range/target type thing) and I have yet to see ANYTHING as simple and reliable (less factors to affect function etc) as a quality revolver and one such as the 640 can be fired inside a coat pocket without malfunction (tactical advantage), can't say that for any semi auto.
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    I use both. On the small side, I prefer revolvers, SP101 or J-frame. On the large side, I prefer revolvers, GP100, Speed Six, S&W K and L frames, and even single actions. In between, I like my SIG P229s.

    Well, I like 1911 pistols, too, which tend to be rather large, but they are so slim, them don't seem large. I pretty much only use DA weapons for serious purposes these days, anyway, so based on what I am currently using, the above paragraph holds true.

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    I couldn't decide.

    They both have distinct advantages.

    So I carry one of each, always.

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    Thoughts on this subject...

    I carry both, depending on the situation. Each has advantages.

    A revolver appeals to me because of its reliability, and the 5 or 6 rounds available are probably adequate for 98% of the situations an ordinary civilian will encounter. I also find short barrel revolvers easy to conceal because of their rounded shape and smaller grips compared to semiautos. Plus I am a traditionalist, and like the looks and history of revolvers.

    The big advantage of semiautos to me is capacity and speed of reloading, along with a flat profile. If I thought there was a chance of a serious fight with multiple attackers, I would want to have the semiauto of my choice available (and a small revolver as backup).

    Semiautos appear to be more popular than revolvers with CCW holders, by a ratio of 2 to 1 or more. I notice that on gun chat sites having both a revolver section and a semiauto section, the number of people active on the semiauto section at any given moment is about twice as many as on the revolver section. Many people consider revolvers to be old fashioned and not adequate for the major gunfight they are concerned about having. They might live in a worse neighborhood than me.
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    I carry a semi-auto because it holds more rounds - 11 vs. 6. I figure that, if I have to shoot someone more than 11 times, I probably have picked the wrong guy to mess with...

    Waco Kid (from "Blazing Saddles", refering to Sherrif Bart's strapping on his revolver to deal with Mongo), "No, no. Don't do that. If you shoot him, you'll just make him mad.".
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    I usually carry my G 27 or XD .45 Compact 95% of the time as opposed to my S&W Mod 36 5% of the time.

    I'm like others have mentioned, auto's carry more rounds and are easier to re-load if the situation calls for it.

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