Wear of "Black matte" vs "matte Stainless"

Wear of "Black matte" vs "matte Stainless"

This is a discussion on Wear of "Black matte" vs "matte Stainless" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; RE: FNP line Does anyone know whether the "Black Matte" finish or "Matte Stainless" finish is more durable, especially regarding holster wear? Or any other ...

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Thread: Wear of "Black matte" vs "matte Stainless"

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    Wear of "Black matte" vs "matte Stainless"

    RE: FNP line
    Does anyone know whether the "Black Matte" finish or "Matte Stainless" finish is more durable, especially regarding holster wear? Or any other pro's/con's?
    Trying to make a purchase decision. Thanks for your help.

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    Well, deep subject. I, me, personally like a black gun, black leather IWB holster that I wear with a black Harley shirt. Even not tucked, it is not that easy to spot.

    I almost bought a Kimber. Beautiful gun, but boy does it stick out. Plus, if I am ever in a defensive situation and come out on top, you know they are going to take your gun for a certain length of time.

    Its a tool. As long as it works each time I pull the trigger, I am a happy guy.

    Just my 2¢.
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    Either finish will eventually show some ware even if it’s solid stainless. Ware marks are as natural as shoe leather ware. Concerned gun owners’ will typically wipe down their guns with a chemically treated rag and that will prevent corrosion.

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    Stainless is going to show the wear less. But it will still show a bit.
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    Any black finish will eventually wear. Ionbond is probably the most durable. Stainless doesn't really wear since it is not a finish. It will show scratches and get brighter. If that bothers you, just have it blasted and it will look new again. I don't mind a little holster wear, thus, I prefer a black gun.


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    If you're talking about a stock Parkerized-type finish, it will wear MUCH more and faster than stainless steel.
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    I have a bias; not a large one by any means, but a bias just the same.
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    Use Militec1 with the heat treatment, it cuts friction. Black finish has always worn faster on mine.
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