Which 9 mm?

Which 9 mm?

This is a discussion on Which 9 mm? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've read through the forums, and given the choice of .45, .40, or 9mm, I'v settled on the 9mm. Now, specifically which 9mm? I live ...

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Thread: Which 9 mm?

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    Which 9 mm?

    I've read through the forums, and given the choice of .45, .40, or 9mm, I'v settled on the 9mm. Now, specifically which 9mm? I live in Houston, TX and it's hot and stickey in the summer time, usually warm enough for shorts and a tee-shirt in the winter. I'm also partial to Sigs, any suggestions?
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    If you want a sig in 9mm that will be fairly easy to conceal then go with a sig 239. If you want a 9mm that is easy to conceal and pocket carry go with a kahr pm9.
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    I just got a XD-9mm from Carter's Country, they had a descent price on it. I would just go up there, they have a pretty good selection, and just handel the guns then try renting the gun or guns either at Carter's or at a place like Top Gun in the galleria area. Then you'll know for sure that you're getting the best gun for YOU.
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    Glock 19 is one of the best gun in the market... reliable, accurate, great size for both the range and carry... everyone should own a Glock 19!!!
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    I am a huge Sig fan. Check out the 229. Its a perfect gun for the home and to carry. Also, look at the P250.

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    Walther PPS 9mm. Perfect for summer carry. Thin as a deck of cards. Traditional German build quality and reliability. Awesome guns.

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    G.G.= Go Glock

    When I think 9mm..I think GLOCK. Go for a G19 or G26. An ol' Airborne buddy is a Houston cop and an ol' school Smith revolver guy, but he carries and loves his Glock!! Good Luck.
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    My carry options in 9mm are either Kahr(PM9 or CW9) or Glock (G19) depending on garments worn to conceal.
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    Easy concealment...Glock-26.
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    For all of the positive reasons mentioned in so many threads on this forum.....

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    PM9 carried IWB with a non-white t shirt. Very little print. Glocks will print, period. The PM9 will pocket carry, but it weighs over a pound loaded and will cause the shorts to sag.

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    I carry SIG P229s all summer; no change from winter, or what passes for winter in the Houston area. Mine are chambered in .40 S&W, the standard primary duty cartridge for my workplace, but the P229 is available in 9mm. I looked into the notably slimmer P239, but decided to stay with the P229 due to better fit, and consistency of handling, 24/7. I am sure I could adapt to the P239 with little trouble, as it points well for me, and the grip fits well in my hand, but the trigger pull ends so much closer to my hand.

    These are the two top concealment choices, in my humble opinion, if you like SIGs. Well, there is another choice, a good, clean P228, which has a frame almost identical to the P229, and a somewhat trimmer slide. The P228 preceded the P229, and except for one last run which is now available at dealers, that has an accessory rail, SIG has ceased importing them.

    Your hand and finger size is important. The best fit, in MY hands, is the P229, but only with a shorter-reach trigger, either the factory "short trigger," or a custom trigger. These are DIFFERENT from the "SRT" or "short reset trigger" option offered by SIG. The latter is a group of internal parts that allow the single-action trigger to reset in a shorter distance than the normal trigger group. One of my SIGs has the factory short trigger, and three others have TJ Customs triggers; either option allows me to properly position my trigger finger on the face of the trigger.

    When I have handled P239s, the standard trigger was a good fit, as the slimmer grip frame allows me to achieve a good position on the trigger face. A short trigger option in a P239 would make my trigger finger end up even closer to my hand at the end of the trigger stroke, and the standard P239 trigger already ends up just a bit too close.

    I guess it is quite apparent I am a believer in the importance of a good fit. I tried and rejected other handguns over the last 25 years based on fit, even though most of them were reliable. Examples in 9mm include the Kahr K9 and HK P7, excellent pistols, but because of the positions of the triggers, they required me to alter the way I normally hold a weapon in order to achieve the accuracy I wanted. I belive in using the sights if possible, but want to be able to shoot well without the sights, and the way the grip area fits my hand, and the reach to the trigger, are both vital to the equation.

    The K9, for example, was very unforgiving of exactly how I placed my index finger on the trigger, if I wanted good accuracy. I am sure I could have re-trained my trigger finger, but then, would that have changed the way I handled my duty pistols? I wanted consistency 24/7, not wanting to restart the system when I changed clothes.

    The HK P7 was very unforgiving of how I held it, if i wanted good accuracy.

    OK, I have rambled onward enough for now.

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    It depends alot on which features you like and how much you want to spend. One of the most accurate 9's that I have shoot is the CZ 75P-01. Give it a look, CZ-USA.com.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rathos View Post
    If you want a sig in 9mm that will be fairly easy to conceal then go with a sig 239.
    +1 Sig 239
    Also look into a S&W M&P 9c!
    Kahr CW9
    Sig P239/9mm
    Ruger LC9 (when the girlfriend lets me carry her gun)

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    Glock 19 is one of the best gun in the market... reliable, accurate, great size for both the range and carry... everyone should own a Glock 19!!!
    +1 on the G19, I just got mine 2 weeks ago and love it more than my 1911.

    Great size, easy to clean, points well, upgrades are cheap, great trigger.

    The only 2 things I would reccomend for even better ease of use

    1) extended slide release $14US
    2) houge handall grip $12US
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