I Want a Glock, 19 vs 26

I Want a Glock, 19 vs 26

This is a discussion on I Want a Glock, 19 vs 26 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My local FFL has both in stock and I am on the fence about which one to add to the collection. I would like to ...

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Thread: I Want a Glock, 19 vs 26

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    I Want a Glock, 19 vs 26

    My local FFL has both in stock and I am on the fence about which one to add to the collection. I would like to both carry it and use it to have fun at the range. Here are the Pros that come to mind:

    Glock 19
    Perfect size for use at the range. Fairly easy to conceal. Accessory Rail. 50% more round capacity (than the 26) with the factory magazine for only 1.5 oz of increased weight (unloaded).

    Glock 26
    More concealable in the summer months. Shortened handle prints less when concealed. Easily able to add a magazine sleeve (with G19 magazine) or extender to increase comfort, capacity and control at the range. Smallest Glock available. More carry options including ankle holsters.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    I would go for the Glock 26. When you add the magazine extender it will shoot (feel) like the Glock 19. You can make the Glock 26 bigger but you cannot make the Glock 19 smaller. Accuracy is the same. Just my two cents.
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    I'm making the G19 my next gun purchase.

    Frankly, I can't shoot the G26 very well without the Pearce pinky extension, and that makes the grip as long as a G19 when you do that. While the length of the G19 is a little longer than the G26, I think, it's not the length that is the issue, as that is hidden anyway, it's the grip length.

    If you can handle the G26 without the extension, then go for it, but if you need them like me, you might as well move up the the G19 and get the benefit of additional capacity. The G26 also just feels "fat" to me for it's size.
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    The 26 is great but for an all around pistol, the 19 is just hard to beat. Either one makes a fine carry gun.

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    Same for me. I couldn't grip the 26 very well without the grip extension, so I went for a 19. If I want something smaller in the summer, I pocket carry my 642.
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    I'd get the Glock-26...the $9 finger extension fixes the length and is very easy to conceal.

    Stay armed...Go Glock-26, ...stay safe!
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    I debated the 19, but the 26 is just easier to conceal even with the pinky extensions. Carry two 19 mags and you should be good with 41 rounds on you.

    The heel of the grip seems to be the part that prints the most for me and says "gun". With the 26, this is a little less obvious. My opinion anyway. The 26 shoots almost as well as my USP compact which is about the same size as a g19. I like the 26 over the USP for carry size.

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    There's not that much difference in concealability between the two. You'll find that by the time you get the grip of the 26 long enough to be comfortable to shoot (like with Pearce extensions or +2s) it's as long as the 19 anyway. I don't use much in the way of ankle holsters for SD, in an IWB the 19 is the way to go.

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    My wife has a 19 and I have a 26. I shoot them both about the same but the 19 feels better in my hand. The 26 conceals much better for me than the 19. The little bit shorter in barrel length and grip length make a lot of difference in comfort and less printing.

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    I have a G19 and can conceal it well under a plain old t-shirt. No need for me to even consider a G26 in my case.

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    The G19 was my first Glock and it is the one I trust the most. I find the 19 is more fun to shoot at the range than the 26, but for carry you can't go wrong with either one. Eventually you will end up getting both like I did!
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    I dont conceal carry but can speak to the Glock 19 for comfort and ease of use. Its a great size (ive got medium sized hands and I wouldnt want to go any smaller on the grip).
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    I have both, and like them both.

    I can conceal the 19 fine, but the 26 is easier to conceal. The Finger extension adds length, but not to the side of the grip that really matters. Kinda like bobbed 1911s.
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    you can not go wrong with either. both are easy to conceal.
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    Love my G26!!!!
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