Bond Derringer...Anyone have one?

Bond Derringer...Anyone have one?

This is a discussion on Bond Derringer...Anyone have one? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was curious if anyone had one. They look like a top of the line derringer and I like the fact that they have a trigger ...

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Thread: Bond Derringer...Anyone have one?

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    Bond Derringer...Anyone have one?

    Was curious if anyone had one. They look like a top of the line derringer and I like the fact that they have a trigger guard and come in all kinds of calibers and even mix's like 45ACP/.410 3". T

    They seem heavy and very robust so you can likely carry a Kel-Tec P3at or RP a lot easier with less weight, more rounds, etc. But they do have a certain appeal.

    I'd sure would like to see what it feels like to shoot the .45 out of this!

    Anyone have one or ever shot one? Seems like just a neat gun to have in the collection, not that I'm just collection. All of mine have a specific purpose

    God Bless

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    Guy at my main club has one - and shooting 3" 410 shells out of it is quite ''stimulating'' LOL

    Very manageable tho and probably a 45LC round would not feel much different. Not sure tho if I'd use one for carry but hey - I ain't got one yet!
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    I have one in 45 LC/410 and love it!!! It is heavy, but so flat that it really conceals well. I personaly use the 410 load more often then 45 LC for things like snake control, but use the 3 ball buck load for BUG application.

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    I do not have one nor have I fired one, but I feel that the Bond Arms is everything a derringer shouldn't be. It is big (about the size of a snub .38) and heavy (about the weight of an airweight snub .38).

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    I don't have the Bond,, but did have the American Derrg in 45LC/410 3" it was all stainless steel and had a decent weight to it, but with any thing other than cowboy loads in 45LC or just 2 1/2" 410 bird shot, it was just plain pianfull to shoot, it must be for me the way it rides in the palm,

    Was great to carry, had one of the belt holsters that look like an eye glass case, no one ever guessed.

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    Again, not a Bond, but ADC- one in .38spl/.357. If I had it to do over, I would get one of the D/A derringers. It never happened to me, I've never heard of it happening, but that hammer spring is so strong, and the hammer serrations so "smoothed", I always worried about a true AD. Cocking a small hammer on a smooth-gripped gun is not something I want to do under stress!

    Not bad to shoot, kinda neat.

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    I've not owned a Bond, but do have a Davis I've had for about 15 yrs. Derringers are THE original CC gun and that little Davis could be held in my hand without being seen. I think there's a photo I posted of it here on the forum someplace. I saw one at a gunshow last month in 9mm for $110 and almost bought it. I would have except I'd just picked up a K-T P3AT a few months earlier and got a SKYY 9mm at the same show.

    As for the Bond, I was at a shop today and saw two of them for sale. They are nice, but extremely large for a derringer and the price was close to $500 for each. I can get a nice CZ RAMI that's the same size for less.
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    I've got some 1100 fps 325gr 45 Colt loads that would be a "significant emotional event" to touch off in one of those!

    If I was going to buy a $500 two-holer it would be a coach gun...
    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final." - Bill Jordan

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