1st 1911 range report

1st 1911 range report

This is a discussion on 1st 1911 range report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well i finaly got out to the range today to fire my kimber for the first time. The good: Bottom line is i absolutely loved ...

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Thread: 1st 1911 range report

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    1st 1911 range report

    Well i finaly got out to the range today to fire my kimber for the first time.
    The good:
    Bottom line is i absolutely loved it! Right from the go i was hitting 3-4 inch groups from 25 feet that got tighter to 2 inches after the first few mags, although i was hitting slightly lower than my intended point of aim throughout the day. I'm sure thats on me and not the pistol. Recoil was not nearly as harsh as i thought it would be, in fact it was quite pleasant to shoot but you knew it was there for sure. I shot 200 rounds of blazer 200grn round without any malfunctions
    The bad:
    My kimber magazines do not like hollow points as some of you forwarned, I couldn't get through 2 magazines in a row of gold dots without a ftf so definately gonna pick up some wilson mags. It goes without saying that I won't be carrying it any time soon. Even If I get reliable mags i'm not sure I can get over looking at the hammer cocked back like that. I know it's quite safe but it gave me the heebee jebees anyway.
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    What ya got a Kimber and your using a glock avatar ? WTH

    Glad ya liked it i like either cmc powermags or Wilson 47d's for carry

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    i love the glock platform. if this 1911 thing sticks i might have to change it. i do like how the kimber fits my hand though

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    A glock with nothing but the trigger as a safety is scarier to me than a 1911 with 3 different safeties (trigger, grip, thumb). My SA Champion is picky with HPs, but 100% reliable with FMJs. I trust my life with it.
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    Thumbs up

    Glad that you did so well shooting your Kimber.
    Once you take the time to really understand the internals of the Colt 1911 & clone pistols then seeing the hammer cocked & locked will not bother you at all.
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    Getting the Wilson Combat 47Ds is a good idea also I might add that some Ammo. just won't work in some 1911s even 5" 1911s have problems with sharp flat nosed hollow point Ammo. example Corbon.

    If you can shoot a full Mag. of Rem. Golden Saber 230gr JHP Ammo. without any ftf or fte the Kimber 1911 is good to go IMHO.

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    1) Toss the friggin Kimber mag. CMC, Tripp Cobra or Wilson Combat!

    2) Putt 500 more rounds through it with at least 100 rounds of the carry ammo you find that works the best.

    3) Get over the C&L thing, it is by far the safest way to carry. Owners of Glocks have, by a very, very, large margin have had many more ND/AD than any other handgun out there. There are reports of LEO's having them in this country weekly! I know two grown men who have shot themselves in the hand with a Glock with many years of experiance under there belt. I personaly know no one who has ever done that with a 1911.

    4) Keep shooting it, Kimbers are very accurate. You will get use to it!

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    congrats on the kimber, I'll be posting a range report of my colt soon (I hope!)
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    Well done dude - glad you like it.

    Everyone has said everything else!!!
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    You'll be happy with the wilson mags, congrats
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