Polish p-64 opinions.

Polish p-64 opinions.

This is a discussion on Polish p-64 opinions. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got a CZ- 82 yesterday. I put a box of ammo through It. I like it very much. I also looked at a Polish ...

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Thread: Polish p-64 opinions.

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    Polish p-64 opinions.

    I got a CZ- 82 yesterday. I put a box of ammo through It. I like it very much. I also looked at a Polish p-64, I'm thinking about getting one. Does anyone have experience with the p-64? Could you advise me.

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    The P64 is based off the Walter PPK. Its not as good a gun as the CZ IMO and recoil with 9mm Makarov is much stout in this gun compaired to the CZ82. If you just want another handgun chambered in 9mm Mak its a good addition to your collection but you should look for a nice East German or Bulgarian Makarov, they are just outstanding guns.

    Polish P64


    Bulgarian Makarov
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    I've got a P64.

    It's a nice pistol, a little heavier than most pistols of it's size, accurate, and with a pretty sweet SA trigger. The double-action trigger, however, leaves a lot to be desired; I'd guestimate it in the 20lb range...there's a spring kit from Wolff that's supposed to make it better, I haven't gotten around to it yet. The sights, like all military pistols of it's time, are tiny.

    One nice thing is that 9x18 is still fairly easy to find, and not that expensive.
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    I've had a P64 for about a year now. As noted, the factory double action pull is all but unmanageable. The Wolf kit mentioned does wonders, though. I put in a heavier recoil spring and a lighter hammer spring (if memory serves, I used the 18# spring). The trigger is now quite easy. My example, anyway, is very accurate and has thus far been reliable with FMJs adn JHPs.

    Recoil, though ... wow. It "kills on one end, wounds on the other." It's not a shoot-all-day gun, but it's easy to carry and if you're at the range, I'd suggest do all your shooting with whatever else you brought, then put a couple rounds through the P64 to keep familiar with it, reload, reholster, and move on.

    It's very close to the PPK in size (slightly longer overall, IIRC). It has a kind of cult following. It's not a bad gun and as it's small (if a wee bit heavy by today's standards ... guess our fathers and grandfathers were tougher) it would make a good backup to your CZ82 ... once you get the spring kit installed (inexpensive and pretty easy to put in). Oh, and best of all, right now these guns are cheap!

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