Recoil Glock 23 .40 vs Glock 30 .45 ACP

Recoil Glock 23 .40 vs Glock 30 .45 ACP

This is a discussion on Recoil Glock 23 .40 vs Glock 30 .45 ACP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone own or have experience with both of these pistols. I used to have a couple .40 caliber pistols (Glock 23 and Sig Sauer ...

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Thread: Recoil Glock 23 .40 vs Glock 30 .45 ACP

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    Recoil Glock 23 .40 vs Glock 30 .45 ACP

    Does anyone own or have experience with both of these pistols. I used to have a couple .40 caliber pistols (Glock 23 and Sig Sauer P229). How much does the recoil differ between a Glock 23 and the Glock 30 that is chambered in .45 ACP? I know the G30 is technically a subcompact, but the footprint of the two firearms with magazines are very similar in size. Thanks.
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    A lot depends on what ammo your shooting through them. In general, I find the 23 a bit snappier than the 30. Shooting hotter 155s thru the 23, it has a fairly brisk recoil and a bit of torque to it. The 30 is more of a slower push, although it is a little snappier with +P ammo. Neither will beat you up if your shooting a bunch. I've owned a couple 23s and I'd buy another if I found a screaming deal. I prefer the G30, specifically the 30 SF.

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    I have the Glock 27 with a Pearce grip extension and a Springfield XD .45 Compact. These are similiar in size to the two you are questioning. I enjoy shooting both and would say the recoil is similiar. The .40 recoil is sharper than the .45, (due to higher chamber pressure), but the lower bore axis of the Glock seems to help me get back on target after each shot.

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    I've love my brothers Sig .40 and I own a Glock 30.

    I'd have to say the Sig has slightly more recoil.


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    I'm going to go against the flow on this one and say that my 23, and even my 27 with Pearce grip extensions have less recoil when shooting cheap 180 gr. target ammo than my G-30, or G-36 shooting 230 gr. target ammo.

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    G30 is the mildest recoiling .45 I've ever shot.

    The G23 will be snappy, but both are very controllable.

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    Had a 23 for over 12 years. Then sold it and got my 30sf. The recoil on the 30sf is much softer. The 23 has a snap/flip to it. Both are grat guns but IMHO the 30sf is the way to go.
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    It's time to resurrect this thread!

    I'm in this situation now....I'm thinking of trading my unfired gen4 G23 in for another G30S to keep in the ol' nightstand.....what do you guys think?
    I don't always carry two concealed S&W 500's.........JUST KIDDING!

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    It depends, do you own another .40 besides the G23? I am not a fan of the "consolidate to one caliber" club. You state that your G23 is unfired, have you ever fired a G23? If you are only going by what you have heard about the .40's recoil being snappy, you should shoot one first. I like the .40 caliber and it is a soft shooter in the Gen. 4 G23. If you are recoil sensitive try the 180g. loads they are less chaotic than the 155-165g when it comes to recoil and penetrate deeper too.

    You say "another G30S", I assume you have one already, if you like it that much then maybe another would be a good move. More info from you would help the forum to give you better guidance.
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    I was issued a G-23 for years after promoting from the patrol level. It quickly became my favorite Issue. With +P ammo and warhead bullets to boot. it is amazing.
    However, it truly needed different sights.

    I am a .45 guy (hardcore) and was issued a G-21 for awhile (awful grip), but the S&W M&P .45 was 99% better.

    I have fired the G-30, but it left me very unimpressed.
    Either way, for a nightstand sidearm, a rail will be required for a light... otherwise you cannot ID your target w/o blinding yourself.

    I actually had occasion to witness a LEO double tap a perp with a .40S&W (Lawman Ranger T-Series +P ammo) with a G-22, it looked like 2 cans of minestrone soup came right ought of the perp's back from a distance of about 6 feet.
    The 40s can generate chamber pressures over 40k psi (scary stuff). They are fine Big Bore rounds.

    For effectiveness, either is quite adequate with a double/triple tap. No wrong choice, just personal preference.
    I chose the .45acp to consolidate calibers and save $ by buying by the case.

    Keep in mind, a home defense sidearm should fit in your back pocket in case its a 'friendly' who rang your doorbell at 0'Dark-thirty or Girl Scouts with cookies in the daylight.
    You don't want to scare the Bejesses out of someone unnecessarily. Personal preferences are involved.

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    I've had a 23 for yrs. and I have to admit it is snappy. That is the perfect word to deal scribe it. I recently got to try the 30 and was really surprised at the different felt recoil. Heavier but gentler- if that makes sense. I am accustomed to the 23 so it is not a big deal to me but if I were starting from scratch???
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    My 23C recoils like a light 9mm with the little muzzle rise. My wife really like to shoot it. Not sure about the regular model but the C is a dream to shoot! No issues with night blindness due to flash. It is a little louder, but I always wear plugs.

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    Why not watch some UTubes? Watch for muzzle flip and shell ejection patterns. (On one of the G23 videos you can see both hands twisting when the G23 is discharged. Compare to Hickok45 doing G23s in each hand. )

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    I had a G27 and never felt that I could control it to my satisfaction (I had a lot less shooting experience when I owner it). I now own a G30SF and like it very much. Definitely the slow push rather than the harsh snap.

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    I just recently switched away from the Glock 23 being my all time carry gun (duty use and off duty). I like Glock 23's, a lot. I just couldn't argue for the 40S&W any more. Modern 9 MM ammunition is plenty effective. If you want something bigger the 45 ACP is the answer (or 10mm)... at least that's the opinion I've come to. At this point I own 9mm pistols and 45 pistols with the Glock 23 being the only hold over. The 40 has snappier recoil which leads to greater perceived recoil than 45 ACP does which closes the deal to me.

    I'm in the market for a Glock 30 myself but wish that Glock would just go ahead and make the compact version with larger grip.
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