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Whats the best concealed carry method in your opinion

This is a discussion on Whats the best concealed carry method in your opinion within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; All very good opinions in this thread. Myself, I carry IWB at 1:30 strong-side when I am out and about. At home, I switch to ...

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Thread: Whats the best concealed carry method in your opinion

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    All very good opinions in this thread. Myself, I carry IWB at 1:30 strong-side when I am out and about. At home, I switch to either a 4:30 carry IWB or I just toss my XD into the useless OWB XD-Gear holster that came with the gun. The chepao XD-Gear is fine for bumming around the house.

    Look at all the options. Check out numerous holsters and opinions on them. It might take a few holsters to get the "wonder-fit" you are looking for, but it's certainly worth it to find the right one. I'm comfortable with my Desantis for now, but I'll be looking into a nice leather IWB this summer when I order one for my wife.
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    a few months ago I would have said IWB or OWB, but recently I have been fond of the shoulder holster.
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    I have been carrying concealed for many, many years. Over those years I have learned that there are a number of variables involved in successful concealed carry and these variables are active and interactive. Among them is the gun, its size, the holster, the belt, your clothes, the location of the gun, your comfort, the opportunity to draw, your body build, and so on. I have never found a formula that I could apply such that the result guaranteed me a safe, reliable, successful, stable, easily drawn, concealed carry method. For me it has been a matter of experimentation (trial and error too) until I got it just "right". So, when folks post here asking "what's the best holster", or, for that matter, what's the "best" anything I just smile. There just is not much that is a priori the best. Takes some hunting to find out what's best for you.
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    Takes some hunting to find out what's best for you.
    Therein DairyCreek lies the road (well trodden) to the infamous holster box/draw

    IMO it is inevitable - no way to know what works so often, without trying. That said - a good custom rig from one of our elite leathersmiths will most certainly tend to reduce the problem
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    Definitely, the only way to find out is to try every different method you can think of. If you are anything like me, you won't find a way that satisfies you completly. There are drawbacks to every method of carry whether it be concealment, comfort, or draw related. You just have to find a good balance between the three.
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    First, be comfortable. All this crap about "a gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable" is just that: CRAP. What use is an uncomfortable gun? You know the gun you don't wear because you would rather take your chances than carry that hunk of crap out with you on your belt for five minutes. A gun has to be comfortable to carry for at least 6-8 hours if not more. A comfortable gun will be with you when you need it. Period. A comfortable gun that you are comfortable with is the key here.

    Second, practicing may lead people to believe they need heavier guns to soak up recoil. Some shooting sessions are said to last to upwards of 500-600 rounds. Reminds me of my buddy who bought a .458 Win Mag for an Africa safari and ran 100 rounds of "get a feel for its handling" kind of session all at one time. Bruised shoulder and couldn't go on the trip. Now if he had taken the time and shot maybe five rounds or so every other ot third day for a couple weeks, he would have been better off. The point is these Ironman sessions pounding out holes in paper while standing knee deep in brass is fun for some, but not practical nor good for conditioning or training. Keep it practical. You will have your own limits, but I keep mine to under 200 usually. I do that twice a month and I am confident I can make the shots needed if needed. Lighter is more comfortable.

    When my taxes get here, I will be carrying a Kimber Pro Carry 4" 1911 with an aluminum frame in 10mm and will be using normal 10mm loads, like as in 135gr @ 1600fps and 180gr at 1250fps. Will I shoot 500 round sessions with it? No. That is not its purpose. It is a carry gun first and foremost. If I have to shoot someone, I could care less how much my freaking gun weights. It won't even be anywhere in my mind. Guanentee it. I will run enough ammo through it to break it in to know it is reliable and the practice enough to keep on target and make sure I can make shots when needed.

    Ok, rambling done. Most people will find that IWB (inside the waistband) or OWB (outside "" "") is the most comfortable. I prefer IWB. Keeps the gun close and I can 'feel' it against me, knowing I am protected. OWB is only in certain instances when my attire allows, such as heavy jacket and outdoors a lot. Most of the time I carry strong side IWB at about 330-400, or on the side belt loop area or just behind it. You might have to move it around a bit for comcort and concealability.

    Hope this helps, I apologize for my ramblings.
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    I would rather carry OWB but I usually end up packing in my in my IWB. I dont mind IWB but its a lot easier on car rides to go OWB. What ever works for you is best really.
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    Thumbs up best concealed carry method

    I agree with Steve about the holster drawer.I saw your post and decided to join this forum,so I'm the new 79 year old kid on the block.I have
    been carrying since January 1996.Like all the others I have tried IWB &OWB ,shoulder holsters and belly bands.Each time I thought I had found
    the right one.After carrying a few weeks I would think there has to be something better than this,so I would try something else.I have finally
    settled on a system that about three companies make and there may be more.One is called Smart Wear,one is Thunder Wear and the one I have
    is called Lighten Wear.There may be slight difference in them,but they are all the same method.I have been carrying this way for about a year
    now and this is the most comfortable way to carry,in cold weather or hot weather,it works for me.Others on the forum may have tried this method and can give you their take on it.Good luck


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    In my bra.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan67 View Post
    I will soon be recieveing my CHL in a month or so and know little as of yet as to how I will carry. What are the different options? I will be carrying a Ruger P89 (may downsize in the future and use that as a truck gun) starting out. I'm about 6'2'' and 190 lbs, tall and lanky. Most likely I wont carry every day all day as I'm a painter and also a university student and cant carry at school. I also don't need my guns painted up either.
    Hi Nathan67! Welcome to the forum from Texas. This is a great place to learn and to share! I carry a 3rd Gen Glock 30 SF. Congrats on deciding to conceal carry and protect yourself and your loved ones.

    There may be more carry options than actual carry guns! What works for me may not work for you, so you'll really have to find the best solution for yourself. I carry my Glock 30 in either a Remora (The Official Store of the Original Remora "No Clip" IWB Concealment Holster), Sticky (Sticky Holsters | Redefining Concealment), or AlienGear (Concealed carry gun holsters | Alien Gear Holsters), when I can untuck my shirt. If I have to wear a tucked in shirt, I go with a belly band (The Original Belly Band Made in USA). I carry at 4-5 o'clock.

    Carry Always, Never Tell!

    CANT: Carry Always, Never Tell

    Cogito, ergo armatum sum. I think, therefore I am armed. (Don Mann, The Modern Day Gunslinger; the ultimate handgun training manual)

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    To the OP, I had a p95 and carried it every day in a cheap iwb holster in the small of my back position. Concealed very well for me, and I'm very small at 5'10" tall and 130lb. Big heavy uncomfortable gun, but can conceal well if carried right. A good gun belt goes a long way for making the experience toll arable.
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    What you will find is that the search for what suits you best will take time. Accept it and enjoy the ride. Be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on different rigs, most of which you won't recoup your cost on.

    One thing you should do now, order or go buy a dedicated gun belt. Leather, double leather, kydex reinforced leather, tactical operator belt, whatever, just use one. It will make whatever you chose work best and set you up for success.

    That said I go IWB more than anything. Galco king tuck is my most used rig.

    Good luck
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    Behind my hip about 4:00 for me all year long.

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    OP was in 2006... It's alive!!!!
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