CCW and HD gun....the same?

CCW and HD gun....the same?

This is a discussion on CCW and HD gun....the same? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering if one's concealed carry and home defense/nightstand gun is usually the same or not: 1. Identical handgun. 2. Identical handgun model with ...

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Thread: CCW and HD gun....the same?

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    CCW and HD gun....the same?

    I was wondering if one's concealed carry and home defense/nightstand gun is usually the same or not:

    1. Identical handgun.
    2. Identical handgun model with lights and or lasers.
    3. Derivative handgun model ( i.e. CCW is Glock 26, HD is Glock 17 )
    4. Different handgun model.
    5. Or something else ( ie shotgun, EBW, etc )

    For me, it is #3 - CCW is G26 HD is G19

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    At the present time, my carry gun and my HD gun are one and the same, a Glock 23. I do add a light to the gun when I go to bed.
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    My wife 's glock 23 is both her carry gun and her HD gun as well. At nights when I'm home though, I unlock the 590 and place it beside the bed (on my side) as well.
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    My home defense handgun is a Beretta M9A1 9x19mm with night sights, a tactical light, and a 20-round magazine. My duty weapon (Department issued) is a Beretta 96FS. So, they are similar, but not the same.

    My personal (off-duty/BUG) carry guns are a HK P7, a Glock 36, a S&W 37-2 Airweight DAO, and a Ruger SP101.

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    For HD I have a S&W 9mm M&P and my XD40 subcompact. I don't carry the XD often except during the winter. For CCW I have a S&W 442 and the Bersa 380.
    S&W 442, Bersa 380, S&W 9mm M&P, Springfield XD40c
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    I carry a G23, EDC, then attach my Surefire x200 and lay it on the nigthstand next to my Surefire E1L. My P228 is in the top sock drawer and mt Colt AR is leaning on the wall next to the bed.
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    My carry weapon is a Glock 27 and my night stand pistol is an XD45 compact with the 13 round mag in place. Same operation with both weapons makes for an easy transition.
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    I carry a G-26; there is a G-19 with light on my night stand which moves to the dining room table during the meals, and there is a Mossberg 500 in a shelf under the bed.

    My wife carries a .357 S&W Scandium and has a Highway Patrolman for HD.
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    1, 2, 4, and 5.

    Duty, CC, and HD, one or more of my several SIG P229s are there. I may put a Surefire X200 onto the railed P229 at home, but generally slide the X200 onto the rail of a Min-14. In addition, there are .357 mag sixguns about the abode, and if not wearing a P229, one of them may be closer at a given moment in time. I especially like the bobbed-hammer 4" Speed Six for sliding into a pocket when stepping outside for a moment, and not in need of maximum concealment.

    Moreover, I use an SP101 snubby for what some call a backup, but I prefer to call it an alternative gun. There are also Remington pump guns, which in some scenarios are the best choice in the world, and in other scenarios a clumsy, worst choice.

    Overall, however, one of my P229s is normally the "primary" weapon of the moment.

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    My house gun is a Bulgarian Makarov. I leave it by my bed since there are no children around. I selected it for that purpose since I don't want to put it in the safe every time I go out for several hours. If I have it stolen I have only lost about $100.

    My carry guns range from a KT P3AT, Glock 26, Kahr P9, SA 1911 Compact LW, 642, 640, and maybe a M60 3".
    That requires a lot of holsters for pocket, OWB and IWB.


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    Unless I need a long gun, yes. It's the pistol I'm most familiar and confident in.

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    my glock is on the nightstand next to me, and my .44 lever action is standing in the corner.

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    Yes the same... because it's what I carry 24/7, even at home!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    My carry weapon is a Kahr P9 or Seecamp LWS .32. My HD weapon is a G30 with a tac light and Remington Golden Sabers.
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