Glock 32C...Anyone..??

Glock 32C...Anyone..??

This is a discussion on Glock 32C...Anyone..?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I took a hard look at a Glock 32C today...It felt really good in my hand. Have NOT had an opportunity to shoot one as ...

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Thread: Glock 32C...Anyone..??

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    Glock 32C...Anyone..??

    I took a hard look at a Glock 32C today...It felt really good in my hand. Have NOT had an opportunity to shoot one as of yet. Is there anyone here who has one? Opinions from ALL welcomed! Ammo cost for the 32C (.357 Sig) vs 9mm and Glock 19. Compare with a Glock 19...I'm open minded and ready to listen to ALL opinions.
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    Personally I think I would go with the G19. 9mm is cheaper to shoot and has less recoil/noise/flash than the .357 SIG.

    EDIT: I also believe some of the 9mm +p+ loads are fairly close to the .357 SIG.
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    I have a Glock 32, 19, 30sf, and 26. I bought the 32 for a couple of reasons - received a great deal on it and I liked the 357 Sig round. I also added a KKM conversion barrel in 9mm for it, giving me the ability to shoot 9mm ammo for practice. Its the same frame as the 19 so all my holsters work. I would not get the compensated model for a carry weapon. If I was to do it all over again, I would most likely get another 19 or add a 17 to the arsenal thereby sticking with mostly 9mm. The funny thing is now I am seeing more 40 cal and 357 sig ammo out there than 9mm.

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    yeah i have been seeing more .40 than 9mm lately, haha. glad i went with the 27 :D

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    Love my G32C

    I shoot my G32C better (and with faster split times) than my G17 or my G26 when using carry ammo. It is my every day carry (EDC).

    My perfect setup so far:

    TruGlo TFO night sights (green front, yellow rear)
    LaserMax Guide Rod
    Speer Gold Dots - 125gr (considering Doubletap)

    Comp-Tac MTAC
    Wilderness Instructor Belt (Titanium buckle) - w/cargo shorts
    1.5" Black Beltman Belt - other situations

    I have also found that a 9mm conversion barrel (with 9mm mags) works fine for me for range practice. But I would not carry in this configuration, at least without swapping in a 9mm extractor.

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    The 32C recoil should be very mellow. I have the standard 32 and found it very manageable.

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    I'm sure there would be a lot of flash from the compensator cuts. I'd never want to shoot that thing from retention.
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    I'm amazed by mine. I'm back on target in the same time as my G19. It almost pushes itself back down. The muzzle flash is much less than my 9x23. I don't even see it in the daylight. I've never tried it in the dark, bet it is fun. As mentioned before, for less than $100 you can get a 9mm Lone Wolf conversion barrel and practice cheaper. Don't forget a couple of G19 mags too.
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    I am very against Compensated models for SD...Most SD situations happen at night and a compensator will ruin your night vision. Go with the regular'll be much happier in the long run.
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