Bersa 1911 Impressions....

Bersa 1911 Impressions....

This is a discussion on Bersa 1911 Impressions.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Who has the Bersa 1911? What are your thoughts on this gun? I know it is not made in Argentina, it is made in the ...

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Thread: Bersa 1911 Impressions....

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    Bersa 1911 Impressions....

    Who has the Bersa 1911? What are your thoughts on this gun? I know it is not made in Argentina, it is made in the Philippines. The price looks nice. Let me hear from some owners.

    American Classic 1911 Deluxe Edition

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    I can't help you on that question, as I didn't know that Bersa made a 1911.

    I can tell you the a Rock Island Armory 1911 is about $400 dollars to $500 depending on where you buy one and are very good 1911's. Very good bang for the buck so to speak.

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    I also recommend the Rock Island line of 1911s if you are looking for a budget 1911 that is not total junk.

    I didn't know Bersa even made 1911's.
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    +1 on the rock island i have one. i picked it up for $350 new!
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    +1 on the Bersa. I didn't know they had this product in their line-up. It could be a new product in their line. If you get one let us know how it fires, etc..

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    +1 on the bersa not a bad looking gun from the pic but never heard anybody talk about them or seen them
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    Actually the 1911 is part of Bersa's Firestorm line.

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    I have one of the Deluxe versions and I carry it daily. One malfunction out of about 400 rounds, after I fired the very first shot it failed to return to battery. It has had FMJ, HPs and flea market junk ammo ran through it and all it does is go bang when the trigger is pulled.

    I changed the grips to 10-8 Performance Micarta, added hexhead grip screws, put griptape on the frontstrap and changed the extended slide stop to a standard length Wison.

    I'll probably change the sights to MMC adj. night sights in a couple of weeks as the ones on it shoot high for me.

    The only real downside is that there are a lot of sharp edges on the pistol and the bluing is already wearing around the muzzle, but for about $425 I didn't expect perfection in the finish department.

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