Next purchase?

Next purchase?

This is a discussion on Next purchase? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many of you know exactly what your next purchase is? I don't mean, "I'm getting a Kimber", or "I need another revolver". I'm talking ...

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Thread: Next purchase?

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    Next purchase?

    How many of you know exactly what your next purchase is? I don't mean, "I'm getting a Kimber", or "I need another revolver". I'm talking specifics.

    For me: M&P .40, for HD (maybe winter carry)
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    Narrow the field

    I like handguns and have developed some preferences in brands, calibers and types over the years. I like to think about a purchase in advance and do some homework on other owners' opinions and prices. So I generally have a pretty good idea of what I'll buy next, and try to avoid impulse purchases of something I happen to see.
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    Glock 19 for me
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    my next one will be ammo,if I ever find any.this is crazy,8 diffrent stores in my area that sell ammo,not one has any 9mm.been for about 2 weeks now nothing to be had any in n.e. ohio

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    I'll buy about anything if the price is irresistible. Whether I need it or not.

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    Either a G19 or XDm 40.

    Still not 100% which
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    my next purchase is either gonna be a p22 for plinkin around or a glock 36. . . . prolly goin with the p22 due to ammo prices

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    Most likely a G34. Just cause they're fun!

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    Coach Gun in 20 gauge for home defense.
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    I have been 'eye-balling' those Henry lever action .22Mag rifles...
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    next purchase will be a LCP .380 if i can find one @ a decent price. Also if i can find an old Ruger snub nose .357 mag. Unfortunately the sp101 comes w/ only 5. Maybe the gp100 in 3" will work but i'd prefer the 2" which as far as ruger's site is concerned they don't make so i need a security six like dad's

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I have been 'eye-balling' those Henry lever action .22Mag rifles...
    Nice choice.

    I just bought a TRP and a Pointman 9, so I think I am done for this year, unless the price is right.

    I might sell the TRP, I really don't like the way the front strap feels, it is like a micro plane. If I sell it there could be another Pointman in my future or Bobtail if I don't have anymore problems with my Pointman.

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    a springfield armory 45 with the 5 inch barrel and bi tone 'stainless black '
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    This whole gun thing’ gets really expensive. I said I would get just one more, but that goal is not quite within reach. I suppose if I give up one, I can justify another and so on.

    More to the point, I want a 642 Power Port. My store had one for a while but I drug my feet until it was gone. Now, they have no idea when they’ll get another one, or any Smith revolvers for that matter. This week, I’ll likely just place one on special order but I hate doing that, since they’ll charge me an inflated shipping fee. The name of this game is patients and persistence.
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    I am going for another snubby.....possible a S&W M60 with 3 inch barrel....just because they are heavier....I realized at the range yesterday why I don't like my Taurus 85 Ultra Light as much as my other snubs.....It STINGS after shooting about 50 or 60 rounds of 158gr. loads!!!! A little more weight for me is desirable.
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