Practice Pistol ??

Practice Pistol ??

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Thread: Practice Pistol ??

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    Practice Pistol ??

    Hi all,

    I need to find a .22 cal pistol to practice with or a conversion kit would be ideal. I could convert either my Beretta 96 or my XDm .40 probably the easiest I think, if I could find a kit. I have a tendency to flinch just a bit and pull shots low/left as a rightie. So something to help out from a training stand point and cheap to shoot, even a solid used pistol would be fine.

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    I have a walther p22 and it serves just fine for low cost shooting. Ruger makes a .22 pistol called the Mark II which is supposed to be amazingly accurate. Never have shot it though.
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    Walther P22 here. Allows me to practice with a semi-automatic, relatively inexpensively. Very similiar in style to my Glock. It works for me!
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    A Browning Buckmark is next on my list. Hopefully I'll make it to the gun store this week. My gunsmith does a world of high end tweeking on these. I can do as little as a set of grips, a complete trigger job to 8" alloy barrels with red dots or fiber optics. Should be a fun project and the ammo is not only available but dirt cheap compared to 45 cal.!

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    Ruger Mark I, II or II... you can not go wrong (II or III are best though). Super accurate, cheap and ergos are very similar to most pistols. I bought a used Mark III for $180 with fluted barrel...paid for itself many times over (great for rodents to)
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    Dry firing is as cheap as it gets and it will cure your flinch just as well as a .22
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    I take my Ruger MK1 with me to the range every time I go. Normally, I shoot 100 rounds out of the Ruger first, then 100 rounds out of my carry, then another 50 out of the Ruger again. I've been doing this for many years.

    I started doing this because I am a thrifty (cheap) guy. But it is good practice for trigger control since the only thing that can make my groups bad is either sight picture or trigger control.

    Nowadays it makes even more sense than ever because of the current ammo supply situation. It seems like you can always find a couple of boxes of 22s.

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