Cobra FS.380 OK or junk

Cobra FS.380 OK or junk

This is a discussion on Cobra FS.380 OK or junk within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; TopGlock is advertising a Cobra FS.380 semi auto for $147.99, it this gun a piece of garbage or is it worth it. I thought if ...

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Thread: Cobra FS.380 OK or junk

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    Cobra FS.380 OK or junk

    TopGlock is advertising a Cobra FS.380 semi auto for $147.99, it this gun a piece of garbage or is it worth it. I thought if it is worth it, it may make a good ''tool box gun''. Has anyone ever owned, seen or shot one?
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    I didn't own that exact model, but I owned a Davis .380 before they sold to Cobra. I bought it used in good shape. After 100 rounds or so, it the slide began cracking in two. If my shooting partner hadn't noticed the crack, the majority of the slide probably would have soon been thrown back in my face since the crack was near the tip of the barrel. I called Cobra and they said that was a common problem with this particular model.

    Again, I have no experience with the exact model you mentioned, but I'd be hesitant. I'd probably look for a used Glock or a revolver for a toolbox gun even though they would certainly cost more.

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    I have a Cobra Patriot .45. I have heard that these are the cream of the heap. The .45 was designed by Nehemiah Sirkis? Israeli Special Teams Opp, Shooting Champ, etc. He then went to work for Kimber.

    This gun is currently my truck gun. I wouldn't be heart broken if it got stolen. Kind of one of those guns that you forget is there, but I know will work if I ask it to.

    I personally would look for a used .38 revo for not much more for a beat around gun, instead of a Cobra .380.

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    Cobra FS .380

    I own a Cobra FS .380 but have only fired 50 rounds thru it. It shot flawlessly but out of the box there are things you must do first because it is really stiff when you first get it. Flip the Safety on and off about 100 times, eject the mag about 50 times, rack the slide about 200 times. Also before you shoot strip it down, clean and oil it well.

    That's what I did with mine and I had no problems. It is a heavy gun so if you run out of ammo you can beat someone to death with it. When you buy a cheap gun you MUST break it in properly.

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    I had a Cobra CA 380 with nothing but problems. On it's third trip back to Cobra. I was given a choice between another one, a derringer or the Cobra FS 380. I took the FS 380 and now have over 150 rounds thru it and since I cleaned it after the first 100 rounds it has been flawless except with Remington ammo. Just doesn't like it, but will fire whst ever else I had lying around to break it in. Even shot off a few rounds of hollow points

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    I worked at a Gun Shop that took a used Davis in. There was a question about using a Cobra Mag. I called Cobra. I don't remember the person I talked to but, I was led to believe he was rather high up in the Company. I never talked to such a rude person. I had always herd their products were throw aways. After talking to this person, I wouldn't give them a chance. I know any gun can have a problem but, I'll stick with the most popular brands and pay a little more. I think you get what you pay for most of the time.

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    Cobra FS380 comes from the Lorcin L 380, Cobra bought rights/tooling, etc from them.

    They're generally known as jammers, and for being made of cheap metals that fatigue and crack. I also have heard one or two stories of failures that were a bit on the catastrophic side.

    I'd say a hi-point would make a better cheapo toolbox gun. And I don't say that lightly, because I really am not a hi point pistol fan...that whole "we use the firing pin as part of the shell extraction, if you try to rack a live round out of the chamber it may go off" stuff is crazy. But I guess keeping one around condition 3 would be ok.

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