Opinions on the Taurus 85...

Opinions on the Taurus 85...

This is a discussion on Opinions on the Taurus 85... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i want yours. i've decided to trade one of my semiautos for one. i've been wanting a little snubbie for a long time, i could ...

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Thread: Opinions on the Taurus 85...

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    Opinions on the Taurus 85...

    i want yours.

    i've decided to trade one of my semiautos for one. i've been wanting a little snubbie for a long time, i could just never commit to buying one. an opportunity presented itself to me, to trade my S&W Sigma 9VE for the Taurus. i've already been given the "save up for a S&W snubbie" lecture. i had already decided to parts ways with the Sigma, so if i can get a decent quality Taurus for it, i will. hey, it's not like anyone's offering to trade me a Colt Detective...

    i'd like to hear any opinions on them from people who own, or used to own, or have actually shot and carried them. i've never carried a snubbie, or any kind of revolver, for that matter. it's not going to replace my 1911, but i plan on carrying it on a regular basis as a BUG. it's also for when i need to conceal; i normally open carry a 1911, but there are times when discretion is necessary.

    also, some advice would be cool. what sort of gear is essential for snubbie carry? stuff like speed strips, speed loaders, holsters, etc. what's a recommended ammo in .38 Special? basically, i want a shopping list. as always, i appreciate any and all replies. thanks, guys.

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    I have a stainless 85 DAO with bobbed hammer... got it 15 years ago. Its been perfectly reliable and shoots very well. The double action trigger is heavy, but works well for carry purposes.

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    Bought a stainless Taurus 85 for my wife about 10 years ago. It shoots well and has been absolutely reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

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    I gave my daughter a Taurus 85 UL and it has been very reliable performer for the past two years.

    I would get a couple of speed loaders, (HKS, same size as S&W mdl. 36), and I would recommend the Corbon DPX 110 grain +P round or if that is too stiff in recoil, then the WW Silvertip 110 grain (non +P) is also an effective load.

    I hope this helps in your decision.
    God bless our troops!

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    I have never owned a Taurus but I work at a gun store and we sell lots of them.

    Of the ones we have sold, I have shot one of them (was a friend who bought it).

    Also, most of the Taurus we sell are revolvers although we carry both auto and revolver.

    Since I have worked there, two of the owners have called us with problems. One was with a Taurus 85 UL .38spl. The cylinder locked up on him on his first outing at the range. He had to forcibly rotate the cylinder to get it unjammed. He has since sold the revolver after taking it to a gunsmith to have it fixed. I do not know what the problem was.

    Another customer called in with a Model 941 .22magnum revolver. It too had a locked up cylinder. I told him warranty was through Taurus and I have not heard back from him since.

    I have tried to find out more about this cylinder lock up problem and have a couple of answers. Some Taurus do dot get checked properly in quality control and there are some machining particles left behind that can jam up the internals. Another cause is an improperly working "hand" that needs some adjusting or smithing to repair.

    I believe that the Taurus revolvers are really good guns for their money and with a little cleaning and care before regular use they should be a good investment.
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    Don't see why he didnt send them to taurus for its LIFETIME warranty?

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    I have 4 Taurus Weapons, one is the 85 stainless ultra lite. It works perfectly. I shoot mostly +p ammo through it. I also have a model 37 S&W with rubber boot grip. The S&W is a little sweeter to shoot. I have 2 hk loaders for each. The Smith is 2 oz. lighter and has better d/a. Each have a good feeling recoil with +p. When I bought the Taurus I was torn between it and a Ruger J frame. I picked the 85 for its 17oz. over the Ruger at 25 oz. The Smith is 15 oz. It pocket carries better.

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    I have had a Taurus 85UL for over a year now, and have about 2,000 rounds thru it. I handload all my target ammo, and use Hornady or Speer Gold Dot ammo for carry. I have other more expensive .38's and .357's, but for the money.....this Taurus works very well, carries easy in a front pocket holster or a nylon pancake holster. I even carry it in my panniers when I am on my bicycle commuting to work. I would not hesitate to recommend one to anybody.
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    Well you got too have a wheelie, So watever your comfy with. I myself have no exsperence with taurus only hearsay. Good luck on your adventure!! H/D
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    I have a taurus 851 with the shrouded hammer. I like the fact that there is no hammer to snag with the draw but I can still cock the hammer to shoot SA easily. I got about 300 rounds on mine w/o problems. I carry this the most as a pocket carry. I used an uncle mikes pocket holster and carry 2 5-round hks reloads, speer gold dots.

    I am hoping the taurus makes their 6shot 856 into a shrouded hammer version and a .327 6shot magnum with the shrouded hammer.

    the pistol has been reliable. like the trigger/action too. it is plent slick for me.
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    I don't own a Taurus, nor have I ever fired one, but I've heard both good and bad about them, equally.
    I do have a S&W Model 36 and I love it. Steel frame and only 20 oz and I've always been accurate with it since Dad bought it 36 years ago. Although it's not rated for +P ammo I do use the +P for carry ammo and have fired some for practice.
    A good reliable snubbie is a plus for anyone, as a carry gun or a bug, everybody should have at least one(my second snub is on order).
    If you have the opportunity to rent one before you buy, do so.
    I'm betting you'll like it.
    For carry ammo Cor-bon SPX 110 gr +P is a great load and what I'm using until I can get my hands on the Federal Nyclad 124 gr +P that has been recently re-introduced, unfortunalety it hasn't turned up in any local fun shops in my area, yet.
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    I have a Taurus 85 UL hamerless. LOVE it! Especially no hammer (shoot from a pocket if need to). I have never had a problem with it, like someone else said the trigger is a tad heavy but I like that. Not putting down S&W here, but I shot more accurate with the 85 than a S&W sim model (dont remember what the model was). That's why I got the 85. I also EDC in a shoulder rig, but have been thinking about an IWB (summer is coming quick).
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    I used to own a Taurus mod. 85. The metal is inferior (soft) and you could see the cylinder rod digging a rut into the frame where it rides as you open and close the cylinder. I would not own another.

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    I have had a T85 in the past and & highly recommend them. It's a very good alternative to a S&W if you are "budget challenged."

    While I had my T85 I never had a problem with this handgun. I always recommend Taurus if that's the gun you are opting to buy.

    Don't hesitate for a second!
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    I have had a 85UL for over a year now and have put just over a 1500 rounds through it, never had an issue with it. Good gun, I would not hesitate to buy a Taurus.
    Semper Fi

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