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Next Pistol Help

This is a discussion on Next Pistol Help within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've got a Glock 19 and a Beretta PX4. Like them both. Next could be a duplicate. Also thinking about a Beretta 92F or 92FS. ...

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Thread: Next Pistol Help

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    Next Pistol Help

    I've got a Glock 19 and a Beretta PX4. Like them both. Next could be a duplicate. Also thinking about a Beretta 92F or 92FS.

    Recommendations and why. Thanks.

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    A quality .22 handgun for fun and practice?
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    I got a Beretta 96 last month, it's big but it shoots great!! Five inch barrel makes great accuracy.
    The size isn't much of a problem 'cause I'm big too!
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    If you are considering a Beretta 92 you may want to also take a look at a CZ 75. The CZ has a different feel that some folks (including me) prefer to the Beretta. With the CZ 75 you also have your choice of a 75BD decocker version or the standard 75B DA/SA which can also be carried cocked and locked.

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    I gotta to say a G19. Its a good do it all gun.
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    I've got a 92 FS had it since the 80's it's big but shoots great and it's my wife's house gun and as suggested I'm looking for a .22 to play with myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    A quality .22 handgun for fun and practice?
    +1 on the .22 you already have big ones. why not go for cheap fun?

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    It is generally a bad idea to try to carry a collection, as it is difficult to attain true, intimate familiarity with weapons systems that handle differently. So, my recommendation is a duplicate, or in the case of the Glocks, a baby or bigger Glock. (I am not sure if there is a bigger or smaller PX4.)

    Personal story #1: When I decided to get really serious about 1911 shooting in 1997, I found that I could not consistently shoot up to a certain rating on my agency's qual course until I set aside my DA sixguns, and concentrated on the 1911s. I had been consistently able to attain this mark with DA sixguns, but not previously with a 1911, unless I was having a really good day. I relegated the sixguns to the safe for several years.

    From 2002 to 2004, I carried G22 duty pistols. I switched to the P229 for a better fit it my hands, but kept one G22. In the summer of 2005, I attended a class taught by SouthNarc and Paul Gomez. I decided to shoot the morning part of the class with the G22, figuring I would let it accumulate the most dirt and fouling, because the G22 was easier to detail strip than the P229. Well, when I switched to the P229, I thoroughly embarrassed myself. The fast and furious shooting of many, many rounds with the G22 had reprogrammed my hands and fingers, and it took a bit to erase that program and regain my SIGshooting skills.

    FWIW, I have no trouble going back and forth between my P229s and DA sixguns. I shoot DAK SIGs as well as DA/SA SIGs.

    My hands are not your hands, of course.

    Another thing to avoid is safeties that operate in opposition to the safeties on your other weapons. Confusion in that area could be troublesome on the street, to say the least. Fights happen FAST.

    I do tend to accumulate, but a varied collection is not one of my goals. My go-to handguns are P229s and DA revolvers, all long-stroke DA weapons with no safeties, that point the same for me. (What messed me up at the shooting class mentioned above was repeatedly shooting the Glock's shorter trigger stroke, then trying to shoot the longer-stroke P229.)

    When I had to use a Glock "sim gun" at a recent active shooter school, I immediately afterward dry fired one of my SIGS 2.5 bizillion times, to make double-darned sure I was back in a long-trigger-stroke groove.

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    G19...very sound purchase, and will make a great twin to your other.
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    I'll second the Sigs....a P229 or a P226 would be a great addition to the collection. But you can't go wrong with a P220 also. For cheaper shooting, (more practice), get a Mosquito .22
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    There’s a lot to what “Rexster” said that I agree. Too many systems and frequent changes may affect your conditioning. I try to limit my options between two distinctively different platforms, yet with similar fundamentals i.e. no manual safety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    A quality .22 handgun for fun and practice?

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    A G17, perhaps? It could be your HD/range gun.

    If you go with the 92, get the Brigadier. It has a stronger slide and can therefore handle hotter loads for more rounds than the others. I've read it stands up to use with SMG ammo well. Good SHTF gun, IMO.

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    I think I would try a snubby. I enjoy range time with mine.

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    Go with a Glock
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