While my LCP is being retrofitted, my only BUGs are a .22 and a .25

While my LCP is being retrofitted, my only BUGs are a .22 and a .25

This is a discussion on While my LCP is being retrofitted, my only BUGs are a .22 and a .25 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The BUG-on-the-ankle options are now my grandfather's old vest pocket Colt .25 and an 80's vintage Beretta Bobcat .22 until my LCP is returned. They ...

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Thread: While my LCP is being retrofitted, my only BUGs are a .22 and a .25

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    While my LCP is being retrofitted, my only BUGs are a .22 and a .25

    The BUG-on-the-ankle options are now my grandfather's old vest pocket Colt .25 and an 80's vintage Beretta Bobcat .22 until my LCP is returned. They are safe-dwellers. I don't remember ever firing more than a mag or two from either weapon but I am comfortable with their workings. Both have been checked and greenlighted by my gunsmith.

    I have seen many debates on the relative merits of these calibers on the 'net, but I am still indecisive. I'm new here and I did spend some time searching this 'site and saw some discussion of the Bobcat and other small calibers/models. If this has been debated here to death then I missed it and feel free to direct me.

    Assuming both of these firearms perform, which would you choose? To me, its more of a caliber choice than a Colt/Beretta decision. This is an academic debate maybe, but also a real-world decision for me. Your opinions would be valued.
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    "Caliber wars" are on-going, and have been debated to death. Mouse guns vs larger guns is another on-going debate.

    When I'm working I've found that a pocket pistol works very good for me. I know it's not the best choice but that's the way it works. I always have my LCP, if I anticipate going to a "threatening" area I often ramp up by choosing a more appropriate CCW.

    When I sent my LCP off for the retrofit, I substituted my NAA .22 mag for pocket carry. Once again, and like the LCP, I'm "relying" on a marginal CCW for EDC, I know it's not the best choice, but those pocket guns keep me armed when I leave the house.

    FWIW, in answering your question, personally I'd choose the Bobcat.
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    I really doubt there is all that much difference in the terminal performance between the two loads; I'd prefer the Beretta of the pistols.

    However, I would be very uncomfortable with just the .22 or 25.

    380 is ammo is hard to get and expensive. While the LCP is gone, I would get a S&W Jframe 38 spec. it can be carried in the front pocket of loose fitting pants, if the pocket is deep enough (untucked shirt recommended). Can't go wrong with the J frame in the long run, it's a good 2nd gun.

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    Thanks ppkheat. I'll still have my primary piece -- a Taurus 9mm -- in my IWB. My dilemma concerns the temporary ankle BUG. It doesn't make sense for me io acquire a new unit, so I'm working with these two choices from the safe vault.
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    my dad used to say, "22 plus 22 equals 44." by that rationale, 25 plus 25 equals 50.

    carrying something in .25 is better than a rock, or even a knife. if that's all i had, i'd practice with it, until i got confident with my aim.

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    both guns will do the job. i have carried both cals in the past. i would carry the gun that shoots the best and can get a full mag off without any problems. sometimes i still carry my beretta jetfire (25acp) and/or 21a when i want a change. both guns can get a mag off with out any problems. as with mouse guns they are best when you shoot the whole mag at the problem. as i say, shoot the gun dry at center mass, turn and run away, calling 911 and reloading on the way. mouse gun are best with fmj ammo. so carry the gun that shoots the best.
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    I would choose the .25 due to the fact that the centerfire will suffer many less misfires. I not on the range there are some .22 rimfire that did not fire.
    Terminal performance is probably not much different.


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    I have to agree with the Colt .25. Rimfire will FTF way too often. In Michigan you may not have the same experiences with rimfire but the humidity down here seems to make rimfire a 90% round. 1 misfire in 10 is a routine especially in the summer.
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    The Colt .25 is to me a better choice because the .22 is not JUST a
    .22 . It is a .22 long rifle.
    What that means is the .22 was designed to shoot out of a 16 inch
    long barrel gun.The powder is slower burning than the .25 that was designed
    to shoot out of a VERY SHORT barrel.
    What does all of that mean ?
    The energy numbers on the box of .22 does not apply to short barrel
    guns, just rifles.
    The .25 will leave a short barrel with more energy than the .22lr.
    because thats what it was designed to shoot out of.
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    I would take the .22. There is much more high performance ammo available for a .22 such as yellow jackets, etc. while all the .25 ammo is pretty anemic, much more expensive and harder to come by.
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    A .22 or .25 is better than no gun I guess......but not much. I personally am not staking my life or my families on one in these impotent calibers.
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    If you have good .25 ammo, you should go with that, IMO.

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    Thanks to all. Many excellent points!
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    Me personally I'd go with the .22 lr. I haven't checked but I'd think the 2 rounds would be close ballistically, but I could be wrong. As far as 1 in 10 being a FTF , I just don't agree. Though I haven't shot my 22's much in the last 6 months having just moved up to CF, I never had that kind of FTF's in the 22 lr. This taking in account that I used to fire any where fron 1 to 4 bricks every month that I was at home. The only FTF's I have had have been with Remington Golden Bullets bulk pack.

    I'd think you could go with one of the Hyper velocity like the yellow jacket or suck and unload the whole mag center mass then turn and run. I don't know much about the 25 except it is fairly expensive to shoot, so you could practice a whole lot more with the 22.

    But taking into account that you are still carrying your 9mm as your primary EDC, I think either could serve the purpose as a bug.

    My choice the 22 first then the 25. But choose the one you shoot the most accurately and comfortable with.

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    First of all, it's only for a short time, it I would say that there is not really much difference between the two.
    Which one do YOU like the best?
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