So when is the last time you talked to the "man" who made your gun?

So when is the last time you talked to the "man" who made your gun?

This is a discussion on So when is the last time you talked to the "man" who made your gun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently acquired a LW Seecamp .380. Unique little gun. I wanted to lub to get ready for test fire, so I began to field ...

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Thread: So when is the last time you talked to the "man" who made your gun?

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    So when is the last time you talked to the "man" who made your gun?

    I recently acquired a LW Seecamp .380. Unique little gun. I wanted to lub to get ready for test fire, so I began to field strip. I could not figure out how exactly to do it.

    I pick up the phone and call Seecamp tech support...It's Larry Seecamp...I was impressed....he politely walked me through the field stripping and I was good to go. Not that customer service.

    Never talked to Mr Heckler or Mr. Kotch....or Smith or Wesson...but it was cool to speak to the guy that hand made and test fired the gun when it left his bench.
    Here is an interesting post from Larry on the "break in period" of a gun.

    Larry says: "Exactly what does a break in period mean?

    It suggests we gun manufacturers send out pistols we know donít work reliably out of the box, and that our expectation is the burrs and friction spots that should have been polished out at the factory will be taken care of by the customer popping off a few hundred rounds.

    In my opinion, break in periods are pure BS. In the first place, if the pistol doesnít work straight out of the box itís not likely to work any better after a few hundred rounds. Itís just wasted ammo trying to fix a defective gun by shooting it ~ sort of like trying to get rid of backfires in a car by driving more miles.

    If you have problems with your pistol and I tell you to shoot some more rounds to break the gun in, maybe Iím just blowing you off so youíll either put the gun in a closet or dump it on someone else. If I blame you, the customer, for a factory problem, maybe I wonít hear from you again. The same applies to limp wristing, which actually can be a real problem but also is an easy way also to blame customers for factory defects.

    Semi autos ought to work straight out of the box with no break in period. I never understood the mythical break in period. Iíve worked on some 50,000 guns and crap guns never got better by shooting those pistols more.

    If function gets worse with shooting the manufacturer has an excuse. A burr might have kicked up that resulted from an unforeseen circumstance. Similarly, other unforeseen events might have taken place that adversely affect function.

    Under no circumstances do I see a legitimate claim to be made that pistols are shipped not ready to be used and that the customer has the responsibility to shoot his gun until the parts get married up to produce something reasonably reliable.

    Trigger pulls get better with use. Loading gets easier with use. Function should never get better with use ~ unless the manufacturer is not doing their job."
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    That all makes sense to me. My Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Carry Pro has work perfect out of the box with out a hic-up. No break-in needed.

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    Thats pretty neat you got to talk with the main guy.

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    Never on the phone, but Larry Seecamp has graciously answered many of my questions by email and on the Seecamp forum. It is very easy to be a fan of the gun and the man. Enjoy your new .380.

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    That is terrific- love it.

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    When I called Nighthawk I spoke to the guy who built my 1911
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    I have a LWS .32 with a personalized serial number. It has been perfect since it found its way to me. My desire is to someday purchase a LWS .380. I carry my LWS .32 in a pocket holster by Ron Graham. I dare anyone to be able to tell I am carrying.

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