Anyone carry a Norinco 1911?

Anyone carry a Norinco 1911?

This is a discussion on Anyone carry a Norinco 1911? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Politics aside.........It was bought used for $275 so none of this "supporting China" stuff OK? Anyone carry one? Personal experiences? Any parts that I should ...

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Thread: Anyone carry a Norinco 1911?

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    Anyone carry a Norinco 1911?

    Politics aside.........It was bought used for $275 so none of this "supporting China" stuff OK?

    Anyone carry one? Personal experiences?

    Any parts that I should replace?

    Any problems with them?

    What is great about them?

    I have heard a lot of good things about these guns, so I jumped at buying what looks like a nice one for under $300.

    Any opinions about the gun would be apprciated.

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    go to and scroll down and there is an entire forum dedicated to norincos
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    It does not matter what the problems are. The price is right. For the price you can work out the bugs and have yourself a good running gun. Any 45 in hand is better than two back home.

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    What is great about them?
    Good steel and no cast or MIM parts.
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    I should have bought one. At the time when they were popular a few years ago, they were cheap in price and buildable.
    Jeeeezzz....I can't even find a used one around here, and if I did...they would probably go for more than when it was new.

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    Hello. Yes, I have but one. I bought it slightly used a few years ago.

    I added a set of King's Hardballer rear sights and a proper height front sight was silver soldered on by the gunsmith, who also reblued the slide. The rest was done at home.

    The gun has been reliable and reasonably accurate. My gun does have some play in the slide-to-barrel fit, but it groups decently. For the purposes I have in mind for this gun, reliability tops the list and I've had no complaints in this regard.

    Not match grade by any means, this level of accuracy is sufficient for my perceived needs for this pistol. This group was fired seated with wrists supported and in slow-fire. Distance was the usual 25 yards.

    I have carried the gun for personal protection a few times and have no complaints about "having" to do it again.


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    I've only shot one once before & the trigger had quite a bit of vertical play & the trigger pull was as mushy as strained applesauce but, nothing that a new "drop in" sear and an aftermarket replacement trigger wouldn't cure.
    Aside from those 2 minor problems (that made achieving good practical accuracy slightly difficult) the pistol functioned very nicely with no FTFunction.

    I would not have carried that particular pistol with that poor trigger but, I would have carried it after it had a minor trigger job done on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OD
    Good steel and no cast or MIM parts.
    I've got one norinco and one on the way.

    The one I have now is box stock and feeds hp and ball. The trigger is nothing to write home about but adequate.

    I'm a huge fan!
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    Those are the basis of many custom street guns. In fact, they were sought out by some smiths back when they were available.

    I saw a nickeled one some time back. Didnt even know they made those.
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    Very popular up here in Canada, $349 Cdn, I’m planning on getting the commander.

    Note of caution keep “Gun scrub” and other chemicals away from any Chinese plastic bits on the gun or you will regret it.

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