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I think I want a snubbie

This is a discussion on I think I want a snubbie within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIXTO Your poll is like asking what flavor ice cream you should get. Or who you should get married to......... I have ...

View Poll Results: Which snubbie is the coolest, by your definition?

329. You may not vote on this poll
  • Stainless .357 j-frame... shoots .357 and .38 special, what more could you need?

    88 26.75%
  • Airweight .38 special j-frame... nobody shoots .357 anyway, this is cheaper, and lighter!

    146 44.38%
  • Airweight j-frame rechambered in 9mm... one type of ammo, don't lose anything, and its different.

    21 6.38%
  • SP101... Don't give Ruger the snub (pun intended)

    74 22.49%
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Thread: I think I want a snubbie

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Your poll is like asking what flavor ice cream you should get.
    Or who you should get married to.........

    I have both an Airweight 638 .38+P and a 649 .357 both in the "Bodyguard" style which I prefer. It's mostly about personal preferences and budget. The Airweights are cheaper than the .357 stainless but both have their place.

    Be prepared to practice a lot to get good with them. They can be very accurate but they take a lot of practice to get your skills there.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Your poll is like asking what flavor ice cream you should get.
    I like ice cream, can I get one in each flavor?
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    Airweight .38 special j-frame................. Great CCW! You will never look back. Good luck!
    CCW: Never get killed for lack of shooting back!

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    I voted SP101, but the real answer depends on what you plan to use the gun for.

    I have a SP101 that is a great carry gun in its own right, in a belt or IWB holster. My on and off-duty backup is a S&W 37-2 Airweight DAO, which is a great pocket and ankle gun. I'm not comfortable with a .38 Special J-frame as my primary weapon, but YMMV.

    So, my real answer is SP101 as a primary carry weapon, Airweight .38 Special as a BUG.

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    Now that you have a poll with the 9mm option, I'm torn between that and the SP101. I guess if you already have a 9mm semi-auto, go with the 9mm. As a primary carry piece, the SP101 3'' is my pick.

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    I chose airweight j frame 642 because I pocket carry it. I had a sp-101 for pocket carry but sold it do to it's weight. For not pocket carry sp101 for sure.
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    I have a Ruger SP101 but, If I was going to carry it every day, I’d prefer the Smith air weight 38-special loaded with +P

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    My answer is a tough one as I own a Ruger SP101 snub,a S&W older model airweight J-frame and a colt cobra and agent. I'd say if you plan to pocket carry get the airweight if not then I'd say the Ruger just a little bigger than a J-frame but a heck of a lot tougher. As a side not you could also look for a used colt cobra or agent,you can fine these guns in very,very good condition if you look theres a few on gunbroker right now some are like new. They are scarcely bigger than a J-frame but hold 6 rounds instead of 5.

    The only down side some would say is the cobra is out of production and spare parts might be tough to find. However these guns if cared for properly will last a long time and the 3rd issue cobras(the one with the shrouded barrels)were/are rated for limited +P use. In my opinion a snub nose revolver isn't going to be shot enough to ware it out in the first place.

    Don't let that fact they don't make the colt snubs anymore stop you from getting one they are first rate,top quality,and they don't make guns like that anymore. I've yet to find a production gun today that matches them in overall fit and finish,my cobra is older than me and locks up like a bank vault this gun is fit so well in fact that you have to really look to see the hairline between the crane and frame when the cylinder is closed,its almost seamless. You may pay $500 for one of these but they couldn't build these guns today for this if they were made the way they used to. My buddy still shoots his grand dads detective special from 1930 and everything i typed about my cobra hold true for this gun.

    I know you didn't ask about the colts but they are worth a look if you want a snub nose that will last a long time. I'm sure others here will agree with me on this.

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    I say the Sp101. tough and will handle anything you feed it!
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    I also prefer the SP101, which can also handle either .357 or .38 sp. I have a Charter Arms undercover lite that I sometimes carry, but my practice sessions with it are not fun and I find it not to be as accurate for me personally due to the light weight.

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    Get a .357 then you have the option of shooting
    .38's as well.

    Do you really want a S&W airweight? Saw that on the
    poll...it's not going to be fun shooting +p out of it

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    Before you buy, check out the Taurus model 85. I've had one for quite a while and put a lot of rounds through it without a problem. They shoot the +P loads with no problem. I think that a .38 Sp is fine for me. The .357 in a snubbie is just too much recoil to be able to get back on target quickly so I'd end up shooting the .38 anyway.

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    One more vote for the Ruger SP101. That is the only small frame revolver that I feel comfortable shooting .357 magnums through.
    God bless our troops!

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    Well, I pulled the trigger again. Went out to lunch and came home with the Rossi .357.

    Of course after seeing nothing in WM but .357, today there is none LOL

    I picked up some .38... no big deal.

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    I voted SP101. I am up to three in the snubbier length, .357 mag, with three different hammer configurations, and just added another with the 3-1/16" barrel. OTOH, I also do have an Airweight J-frame, for those rare times I need something really small. Life is good!

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