Star Firestar Plus!

Star Firestar Plus!

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Thread: Star Firestar Plus!

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    Star Firestar Plus!

    I purchased my first CCW this past weekend... Ive searched long and hard for the right gun... My budget is a little tight, and was mainly looking for something small, but larger caliber than a .22...

    I was at a large hunting store over the weekend and found my way to the handguns!
    I found lots of great "small" concealable guns, but was having a very hard time letting go of my $500.00...

    I happened to glance down at the bottom of the case and saw a great looking gun, solid black, exactly the color Id hoped for...
    I read the tag attached to the gun that read, "Star Firestar Plus... USED... 9mm... $225.00..."

    I asked the salesman if I could look at the gun... I held it, looked it over, and memorized all that I could about the gun in the little bit of time I had it in my hand... It was in a nice little holster that would clip on the outside of a belt, or tucked inside the pants...

    I handed the gun back to the salesman and took a little walk around to the back of the store... I got all alone in a corner, pulled out my iPhone and instantly started googleing all I could possibly find on Star Firestar guns...

    I found very little negative things said about these Star guns, made in Spain... Only that Star is out of business and that finding parts for these little guns might be hard to do... After a few more "googles" I found a store online to purchase parts for Star guns...

    Almost all the forums and reviews I read, stated that the previous owners wish they had their gun back...

    I returned to the salesman and told him Id like to purchase the gun... After we filled out all the paper work, he went in the back room and brought out the original case with all tools and paperwork inside... I was actually in disbelief that he had the original case and paper work...

    I took my new purchase out yesterday to fire off a few rounds... Im extremely happy with my purchase... For my first CCW, it carries well, shoots great, and fits my held very well...

    Im hoping to carry this little 9mm for many years...

    Ive made my first post here TONS longer than I had intended... Sorry for anyones "inconvenience"... I guess I just got a little over excited about my first CCW and my first post here on this great site...

    If anyone here has one of these guns or wants to share their thoughts and experiances with the Firestar Plus, please feel free to do so... Im all ears!!!

    Thanks for your time!!!

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    You can add me to the list of those who wish they had never sold their Firestar. I had the .40 version, and I miss it.

    Congratulations on a good catch at a fair price.


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    I think you found a nice jewel at a very good price. The best part, it works. Post some pictures when you get a chance. Congrats and be safe!!
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    Great little weapon, was even able to find Nite Sites for it at Trijicon Self Luminous Tritium Night Sights
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    If you got a uncle mikes holster it might work short term but I would suggest you look into something with better retention etc. for everyday concealed carry
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    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new pistol.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I own a Megastar and am very happy with it. It eats any ammo except Lead, is very accurate and feels good in my hand. You will be happy with your new partner.
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    what was the website with the parts? I just managed to snag a Firestar 9mm for $120, had ~30 rounds through it only! I would like another magazine or 6....
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    Welcome, and enjoy your new weapon

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    Welcome to the forum. Everything I've heard about the Star pistols was they were well made. IIRC they went out of business about the same time Astra (another Spanish made pistol) did. My Astra still does nightstand duty for me, and I wouldn't consider getting rid of it.

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    I had a firestar 9mm in their "starvel" finish it was the single stack version of your gun. It was a great gun always worked and like others I'm very sorry I sold it if I found another I'd buy it in a heartbeat,you done good. The star pistols were very well made all parts,including internals were milled steel if I recall correctly. These were very underrated guns for their time.

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    I purchased a Star M43 Firestar 9mm back when they were handgun of the year (mid 80's). Its been flawless and is an extremely well made handgun. Many 1000's of rounds through this gun and not one issue of any kind. I don't shoot it much anymore since I have a large collection of handguns but its stll a favorite of mine. They are all steel and a bit heavy for their size but they handle very well and recoil is not an issue. Not a pocket gun but will make a good CCW handgun with the right leather.

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