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LA Sheriff's dept report wide spread problems with S&W M&P's. (Merged)

This is a discussion on LA Sheriff's dept report wide spread problems with S&W M&P's. (Merged) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIXTO No it doesnt. Have you ever seen an invoice compared to Smith or some others? If it was just about money, ...

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Thread: LA Sheriff's dept report wide spread problems with S&W M&P's. (Merged)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    No it doesnt. Have you ever seen an invoice compared to Smith or some others? If it was just about money, every LEO would be armed with S&W.
    That is very true....Our State Police carry friend there has a lot to do with their sidearm purchase and policy...He has said they think about switching brands all the time and Smith just treats them too good to leave.
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    Last night at roll call, the sergeant started reading a bulletin regarding a recall by Smith & Wesson, and I thought, well, it must be about the M&P. Nope, as the sarge continued reading, it was about the PPK/PPKs! Some things happen slow at the ol' PD.

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    I'm glade they didn't mention M&P .45's

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    Man, this article makes me want to run out and sell my M&P9c right away before they are worthless

    Nevermind, I think I'll keep mine, maybe buy another since soon they're be giving them away...

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    No it doesnt. Have you ever seen an invoice compared to Smith or some others? If it was just about money, every LEO would be armed with S&W.
    Sixto, you are correct, I was typing without thinking of NOW. I was thinking of the price of 3rd Generation S&Ws vs. Glocks price point issue, which was THE only factor for our agency at one time. As in THE ONLY FACTOR for authorizing Glock, directly from the mouth of the rangemaster and nothing else mattered even though the officers purchased their own guns through the agency.
    I failed to stop to think that the M&P prices probably mirror Glock's now, except for the mag prices, which now seems to be the deciding factor for some people. Not me, I have no interest in Glocks, but I have seen this discussed as a factor with the "new guys."
    Again, I stand corrected.
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    As a reserve Sgt. with the LASD I can attest to the validity of this was sent to all personnel from our range staff....I really like the M&P and was all set to dump my Beretta 92 for one...but now I can't.

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    political spin?

    hows is barrel breakage spin?

    Glock FTW!

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    Well I figured that since Springfield made the very successful leap into the polymer frame market with their very fine XD and XDm that S&W would be sure to follow. I had high hopes for S&W but not very high expectations since even their revolvers are plagued with the safety (STILL).
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    Yeah if it doesn't shoot it obviously not that great of a firearm. I wonder out of how many guns though, it's all about scale. Is it 2 out of 100 or 2 out of 1000?

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    Well, this certainly isn’t the first time that Smith has been in a reliability battle. I recall the original M39 in 1974 whereby you could strike the butt on a hard surface, and the leading round could flip 180-degrees back towards the shooter. In the early 80’s I purchased a custom variant made by ASP. It had a gutter sight, a bobbed hammer, shortened slide and carry cuts. It was truly state-of-the-art back then.
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    Must have been a bad batch for S&W because there are a ton of M&Ps out there that have functioned flawlessly for many thousands of rounds.

    It is unfortunate for S&W, and for the LASD.

    I have a Sigma, and they had a rough early history. But S&W retooled them and made one heck of an affordable and reliable pistol. My Sigma has been 100% perfect so far.

    Even when I can afford that Sig I want I'll probably keep the Sigma for a spare.

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    Heard nothing but praise for the M&P until now.
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    Not good news....

    Not such good news since I just purchased on Thursday my new S&W M&P 45 Compact. I guess the only good news is that they were referencing the 9mm models and not the 45. I have already put 200rds down range through my new handgun and plan on going to the range Monday afternoon to put down probably 200rds more with a couple other gun junkies that I work with.

    I love the smooth firing action and surprisingly low recoil for this 45!!! No complaints so far, but I will keep a close look and keep her clean and operational!
    S&W M&P 45 Compact

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    Not to bash Glock here, but this is not at all uncommon in the Glock community and only the first time I've ever heard of it with the M&P line.


    NYPD Advisory - Effective 20 February 2003 all Glock Model 26 pistols in the E serial range of the current "non-recall" have been banned from carry by NYPD MOS. They are instructed to cease carrying the weapon and contact the Firearms Training Section for instructions concerning replacement.- Lt. Sean McMahon

    Albuquerque, N.M. - The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department has discovered a problem with its new Glock .40-caliber semi-automatic handguns.An inspection turned up two more broken guns says Deputy Robert Ray. Ray, the departments armorer, says that on some newer versions of the gun, two pieces of steel in the lower portion of the weapon were improperly machined. Those pieces may be prone to breaking under the stress of repeated firing.

    Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth is ordering all officers to transition to the use of 9mm handguns after recent mechanical failures of the Glock .45 caliber handgun. During the week of March 1, 2004, two failures occurred during firearms training.The transition to the 9mm handguns will be handled in such a manner as to ensure that officers continue to provide the same level of service to the community. - PIO Cheryl Robinson

    The Tribune-Star - Indiana State Police will receive new Glock 9 mm handguns as a result of functional problems with their current Glock 40-caliber handguns.About 50 guns that were identified as dysfunctional through a manufacturer defect will be replaced, said Indiana State Police Sgt. Joe Watts. The manufacturer is replacing the guns at no cost to State Police, Watts said. No timeline has been set for when the new handguns will arrive. When they arrive, police will be trained on their use. State troopers can carry one of the new, replaced handguns or the gun previously carried, a Beretta 40-caliber, he said.

    SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois State Police troopers soon will be carrying new pistols after officials said a malfunction in one of the most popular police weapons could have killed an officer if left unchecked. Glock Inc., based in Smyrna, Ga., will replace all of the agency's 2,270 Glock Model 22 handguns at a significant discount, although it disputes a state police claim that it altered the model to compensate for a design flaw.

    Milwaukee Police Department Finds Problems With Guns

    Posted: April 17th, 2009 01:30 PM EDT

    Story by


    The Milwaukee Police Department found that there is a serious problem with its guns.

    Officer Vidal Colon was injured over the weekend in a shootout, in which his gun jammed.

    The police chief has known about the problem for a year, but he is now taking immediate action following Saturday’s shooting.

    The chief sent a memo to the entire police department about the weapon problem.
    On Saturday, Colon responded to a report of a man armed with a gun near 36th and Scott streets.
    Colon fired his gun 13 times, and the suspect, Louis Domenech, shot back six times, refusing to drop his weapon, said police.

    Both men were hit, and police have been investigating the shootout. They learned that one bullet casing had stovepiped, or jammed, in the officer’s weapon.

    Police said stovepiping can be caused by technique depending on the position of the gun.

    But, the memo to the department revealed that the problem could be with the gun itself.

    "We had experienced a number of issues on the range with our issued Glock model 22, .40 caliber duty pistol magazines, which represents 45 percent of our issued weapons," said Flynn in the memo.

    The chief became aware of the problem in January 2008. Since then, "Glock has replaced 2,700 pistol magazines at no cost to the Milwaukee Police Department," said Flynn in the memo.

    The memo also said that the department addressed the issue with officers during a 2008 in-service firearms training session.

    But, according to the memo, 300 weapons have been transitioned while 600 remain.
    On Thursday night, training division personnel are exchanging the magazines in the remaining 600 firearms.
    The memo went on to say that due to an abudance of caution, the academy will be operating 24 hours a day for the next three days or until the magazines have been replaced.

    Flynn also said the protocol in issuing the magazines made the most sense because the only malfunctions reported were taking place at the shooting range.

    I don't think that anyone with a Smith & Wesson M&P has anything to worry about.

    P.S. This announcement was made on the same day that Detroit moves to the M&P platform:

    Detroit Police Department Converts to Smith & Wesson M&P40 Pistols & M&P15 Tactical Rifles

    SPRINGFIELD, Mass., April 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (SWHC), parent company of Smith & Wesson Corp., the legendary 157-year old company in the global business of safety, security, protection and sport, announced today that the Detroit Police Department will equip its force with Smith & Wesson Military & Police (M&P) Series pistols and with M&P Series tactical rifles. The orders mark a conversion of the entire Detroit Police Department to Smith & Wesson firearms. The orders also demonstrate Smith & Wesson's progress towards its stated strategy to expand its professional law enforcement customer base.

    M&P40 Polymer Pistols

    The Department has placed an order for 5,000 Smith & Wesson M&P40 polymer pistols, chambered in .40 S&W. The pistols will be issued to each officer of the Detroit Police Department and will replace currently issued, non-Smith & Wesson firearms supplied by a European-based manufacturer. During the selection process for a new duty sidearm, the M&P pistol was compared exclusively with the department's then-current handgun. The M&P40 received high marks on officer evaluation forms for the pistol's ergonomics, operating controls and reliability. The M&P pistol was also noted for its ambidextrous controls and the ability to customize the grip size of the pistol to each officer's preference.

    M&P15 Tactical Rifles

    The Department has also placed an order for 350 M&P15 tactical rifles. The rifles will become available to officers upon the completion of a certification course. While reviewing new patrol rifles during the test and evaluation process, the Detroit Police Department compared the M&P15 against a broad range of competitive semi-automatic rifles. The M&P15 was acknowledged for the high quality of its components, the fact that it is produced in the United States, and that it is fully supported with training offered by Smith & Wesson.

    Detroit Chief of Police, James R. Barren, Ph.D., said, "Converting our department to a completely new brand of firearms was a significant decision that required a great deal of evaluation by our officers. The Smith & Wesson M&P40 and the M&P15 merited a review, based upon their selection by a number of other law enforcement agencies recently. Both of these firearms were thoroughly tested and found to meet or exceed all of our requirements. The pistols allow each officer to customize the fit and feel of the sidearm and that translates into a safer and more efficient environment on the job. We were also impressed with the level of customer service that Smith & Wesson can deliver, along with the warranty that stands behind both the M&P40 pistols and the M&P15 tactical rifles."

    Leland Nichols, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Smith & Wesson, said, "We are extremely pleased and honored that the Detroit Police Department has chosen to equip its officers with multiple firearms from our M&P series. This series of products has been designed especially to address the needs of global law enforcement and military personnel and is manufactured in the United States. The Detroit Police Department's commitment to provide its police officers, and therefore its citizens, with the highest quality and the highest level of safety possible is demonstrated by the decision to convert to both the M&P40 pistol and M&P15 rifle. Both of these firearms have earned the respect of police agencies both in the United States and abroad. Currently, the M&P pistol has been approved or adopted by 505 U.S. police departments, and the M&P15 tactical rifle has been approved or adopted by 221 U.S. police departments."
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    I have two M&P pistols, both 9mm. One full size and the other compact. My full size was made in 2007 and has been nearly flawless, the only jam that ever occured was when I tried to fire some of a friend's crappy reloads.

    My compact is newer but has never had a malfunction. A friend also has the 9C and loves it.

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